Do Affirmations and Gratitude Really Work? There’s Only One Way to Tell!

Call us the skeptical mystics. We like to see tangible proof. We spend our days working with subtle energies that most people can’t see. And, we are constantly pinching ourselves to make sure we’re not dreaming. So, to prove we’re not just loony, Doug and I are going to put our gratitude in writing for a month and share with you the tangible results of our quest.

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Money Healing: How to REALLY LOVE Your Money with Reiki and Meditation


Do you Love Money?   What was the last amazing thing you did with your money?

I bought my house. Paid in FULL. My family has an amazing place to live, and even travel in, and it’s all paid for.

I did that with my money. I love money. But, I used to equate it with greed and snobbery.

In July 2014  we got together with  some online family and did a global healing on all of the money flowing through our system. We noticed a MAJOR shift, and want to offer this deeper healing to you, if you missed it.  Simply  read along and  participate by adding your name to the list  in our “comment ” section. Your name and intentions will be added to our healing.  Read more

Moving Forward: 2012 Earth Healing Affirmations


Don’t stress. Don’t worry. Don’t spend time thinking that you aren’t deserving. Don’t hold yourself back when you know you should do something. Forget that whole “life is to short” idea, and revel in the fact that you are simply alive now and every minute should mean potential. Potential to grow and achieve. Potential to reach for your stars.

Life is not too short. We are all here to do what we are here to do. Time in this reality is moving, and I’m am not saying that it isn’t precious, but really it’s all about potential. Time is a commodity that you can not acquire. All you can hope for is the potential to do what you are supposed to do here.

If you have ever had an opportunity lost due to inactivity on your part, then you might feel like life is short. You might feel like your opportune time passed you by and you simply missed it, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I know plenty of people that hold onto those ideas and really beat themselves up about them. The fact is that no opportunity is ever gone. Life changes. We all grow. Take your lost opportunities and refile them in the smart lesson learned category from now on.

What do you have to lose by letting go of your past frustrations and moving forward with each new precious minute living, knowing that you are stronger and smarter than you were before your last life lesson? You have time. You have as much time as it takes to accomplish what you need to do in life. People will say that you can get struck by lightning or hit by a bus, so live to the fullest, but what is missing in that statement is that even such occurrences are potential and meant to happen. Don’t live in fear that your time is running out, just use every minute towards your advantage.

Don’t stress. Don’t worry. You are meant to be here. You are meant to grow and achieve everything that you want in life. If you aren’t receiving enough from your situation then it’s time to refocus and figure out what you want from this world. You are ready to move forward. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Gratitude Experiment Day 2: Gratitude Journaling Results


So, yesterday we started this experiment to help us see exactly how the act of expressing gratitude attracts health, wealth, abundance and all that good jazz in into our lives. We know it works because we have been rather BLISSED throughout our relationship. We express gratitude, love and high vibes and we are constantly rewarded. But, is there any way to prove this to the skeptic side of us? There are of course, some things we desire right now that would make our lives and business run much smoother. We think. That means we have something measurable.

Each day the Dougs and I will share our gratitude journal with you. And, we’ll let you know the results we see from that expression too. Dougie just jumped on board last night, so we’re excited to have the whole family doing this.

We’re not just Journaling gratitude though. We’re focussing on living on that vibration or higher. We’re allowing worried or fearful thoughts to drift as we notice them. We’re spending extra time on meditation and self-care because it feels good and adds to our gratitude. And, we’re doing what we can to transfer that vibration to you. We’re not simply being grateful because we want things. We’re focusing on the gratitude we already have to see what effects it has on our lives.

We’ll focus on the positive results we’ve seen, but if anything crazy or seemingly negative comes up — we’ll tell you about that too. Tomorrow you’ll get to see our vision board, so that hopefully we can all have a better view of what we would like to accomplish.

Gina’s Gratitude List

Singing and Dancing in the shower
Going back to sleep
My soft blanket
Hearing my boys play and sing
Fresh air
Sweet notes from friends
Smiles on the street
My head in the pillow
Peace and quiet
Healing hands
Doing homeschool
Deep breaths
Ceiling fans
Singing Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s “Lucky” with Doug. He sings Colbie and me Jason. It’s the best.

Doug’s Gratitude List

Fresh food
Fresh air
Fun people
An over active imagination
Help from strangers

Dougie’s Gratitude List

Iron man 2
(Today our imaginative son made “salami” and pickles out of a cucumber. So, when I asked him what “meat” he cooked, he was like… “you know, that salami I made.”)

Yesterday’s Results

After spending a morning in gratitude, doing yoga and just loving each other– we went out and had a very productive work-day, talked to lots of new people en espanol and got many smiles.

Overall, there was a newness to the happy feeling we all had. We felt lighter and freer. We put out the intention to attract more money and financial stability, and there were moments during the day where we felt ourselves being detached from the power of money. No money came, but instead a feeling of freedom from it started to creep in. We had a fabulous day. We walked across the Jalisco, MX state line, and enjoyed banana trees, hiding kittens and simply being together.

Then, as we rounded our corner to enter our apartment last night, a neighborhood drug addict began screaming in our faces. That was a bit silly, and I became sad for him. But, we found ourselves able to send him love and not be as negatively affected by it as we may have been a few years ago. We were able to witness what happened and take a lesson without being emotionally tied to it. That was cool.

We’re already feeling calmer and more satisfied. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Join us in sharing your gratitude, won’t you?

Love You!

Gina, Doug and Dougie

Keep up with each day’s results here!

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What Do You Truly Want to Do?

tech support (255/365)
Image by reallyboring via Flickr


When I was a child, my parents told me that I could be anything, as long as I became a doctor or a lawyer first.

I was brought up with the mentality that I needed to get a high paying job that would separate me from the general populace and retire me early.  My parents worked hard for money and they showed us how to follow in their footsteps.  This sounds like a great philosophy, except for the fact that my father used to complain about how hard his life was all the time.

It was his complaining that ended up changing my path.  I never wanted to grow up and resent myself, or worse, someone else.  I know that my father blames my mother for his not getting a more corporate job with less stress and an easier schedule.  He made his decisions based on what others were telling him to do with his life.  We all know these people who are constantly asking us what we are doing with ourselves, and what new job we are trying to get.  No one is ever asking if we feel like we are on the right course.

Are you working towards what makes you happy, and in the same time enjoying what you are doing?  It’s so easy to put your dreams to the side and simply go to work.  Just look at us as a people.  So many of us are at jobs that we can’t stand.  Jobs that make us want to scream at times.

Bosses who have the brain capacity of a gumball that repeat the dribble that they were told to repeat.

You can’t go to work at some stupid job where you sit in front of a screen and fill in useless information into your computer all day.  Unless it is your goal to be unnoticed and under appreciated your whole life, this is not a very good way to keep yourself moving forward.  We all need to search for what makes us happy.  Not what makes our parents and community happy, but what truly makes us smile in the morning just knowing that we are doing the right things with our lives.

Take a good look around you.  Things are becoming automated.  Our unconscious jobs are all becoming mechanized.  Tech support is done more through computer than human now.  The world is forcing us to start using our brains, and we need to be able to see this in a positive light.  You aren’t losing your ability to be dependant on this current system.  You are gaining the ability to use your mind for something a million times better than what you have been.

My wife and I are on the path to make sure that the world wakes up.  That is our Bliss.  We are going to help every person who has decided that they would like to understand themselves better and create something extraordinary out of their time here.  We ALL have something amazing to give to the world.  ALL of us.  We simply need to open our eyes to what we are doing now and what we would love to be doing later.  Maybe your calling is to be a doctor or a lawyer and you are going to change our perverse legal system or cure the world from disease.  What’s important is that we get you on that path to enlightenment now.  The world needs as many free thinkers as possible with how fast our technology is growing.  What do you truly want to do?

What’s Wrong with Making Money? The Green-Spirited Entrepreneur Needs to Earn a Living Too!


My good comes from everywhere and everyone. I release all resistance to money, and I now allow it to flow joyously into my life.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere and I keep attracting them. Whether it’s the state of the economy or the state of my being lately – every 2nd person I run into is working for him/herself. Since opening my first lemonade stand on Nashville Ave. back in third grade, I knew this was the only way for me to be. And, I grew up hosting fun fairs, directing plays, selling dolls and crafts, taping flyers on lamp posts to advertise my babysitter’s club, running a cleaning service, freelance writing, selling more crafts, cleaning houses, selling food, and of course holding “real” jobs for people who never appreciated my true talents.

These days, I’ve found ultimate fulfillment in discovering my real self and offering that entirety to the world. So, I work for me, being me. And I get paid for it. Most of the time.

I’m detoxing from the stigma that money once held (in my mind). And, that has set me on a journey toward discovering that my true value will never be measured in dollars – but dollars pay rent and buy that coconut kefir I love so much.

This topic comes up all the time when talking to my new spiritual-preneur friends and those who work in the field of helping sick people get well. No one wants to pay us. Sick people are sick for a reason and don’t have money to spare. We want to help them so badly. We feel drawn to their situation and know we can help. So, we devote ourselves without expecting money in return and wind up falling short on our own bills, missing out on projects that do pay, or realizing we’ve taught them how to make kefir but cannot afford our own coconuts. It gets worse when those folks decide not to take our advice after they’ve asked for it.

Could this pattern of discontent with clients and myself be completely prevented if I set payment standards at the beginning of my transactions? Yes! I believe so. But I also believe that true success with money involves just a bit more conscious thinking.

The best piece of money advice that I have ever received came from a friend, Shauna Aura, whom I was blessed to meet last summer during my Shamanic training. I told Shauna that I could barely afford the class I was taking. I told her that although I’d love to attend one of her classes, I probably couldn’t afford that either. But, it just so happened, that Shauna’s class was called “Money Magic,” and that sparked something huge in me. Could money and spirituality mix? Could I lead a spiritual life and feed my family without guilt?

She told me to simply think of money as a form of energy like everything else. When we do work for others there must be an exchange of energy between us. That exchange could be in dollar form, and in business it often is. Seeing as though I still live in a human world where life takes cash, I would have to come to grips with accepting money from people who I was coaching.

And, so I created the intention to have an even exchange of energy for my work so that I could remain healthy, fulfilled and continue to spread my gifts to others. I’m not the kind of person to hear advice like this and ever look back. But, I have had to set some rules for myself to stay on track. I thought these might help those of you who are running a similar business, or if you are having a hard time getting paid during these “so called” hard economic times.

Money is Energy and Energy is Abundant

There’s enough for everyone! Yeah, I know. I have so many friends out of jobs right now. But, I’d like to focus on the folks I know who are making money. And there are plenty of them. These are people who set their standards and do their job without focus on the actual dollars and cents. These are people who share themselves and don’t get bogged down with thoughts of going broke.

I created a vision board for myself to help manifest the intention of getting paid properly. Surprisingly, it didn’t have much to do with cold hard cash as it did for happiness, survival, contentment, health and (insert any positive vibration). With this, I really discovered more about the type of client I was attracting, the type of job I was doing and my overall feelings of inferiority that kept me poor for so long.

By somehow believing that I shouldn’t be charging I was attracting clients who couldn’t pay. But, a client who cannot pay is a client who really doesn’t want my help. Because there is always a way to pay (more on this in a bit). These clients will beg for my help and praise my every word, but won’t take action in listening to my advice – and in turn they will not heal. Of course this drains me. And I lose connection to paying customers. When someone is paying for services they tend to listen more closely and respect my time.

I have had this experience in all of my business endeavors including freelance writing and lemonade making.

But, I can see this so easily occurring for spiritual and green-preneurs because we often come from a hard place in order to have the know-how to help others out of their problems. And, our work is still considered alternative. So, we wonder if it should be taken seriously. Or we do something crazy and compare ourselves to Jesus or the Dahli Lama and think that we should live in poverty. It is necessary to think of ourselves as individual sparks in a massive stream of wonderful energy. If we nourish our little spark we will bring more light to the world.

I highly suggest creating vision boards to map out your intentions for success. It’s great when you see your dreams in front of your face and realize how easy they are to achieve.

If you create a clear vision and belief that is based in intention to do good and share energy, your money will come to you. But, it will come when you are ready and know what to do with it. I always think that the folks who don’t have to worry about money have either really discovered this truth, or have way too many other problems to deal with that the universe has spared them this heartache.

My financial difficulties have obviously been necessary to bring me here. How else would I be able to help others realize their dreams of prosperity? How else would I be able to recognize the infinite connection of all things?

Energy is Money

You know those family and friends who you just don’t feel right about charging? Well, good! I don’t feel right charging my son for his reiki or my friends for diet advice. When a friend comes to you for help, I advise that you don’t put yourself in a situation where you NEED money from them. This can create negativity between you. Instead, set your boundaries and offer your services in exchange for something they can do for you. This may even be spreading the word about how good you are. And, when your mom needs your help, you will have time because clients will be paying you properly. Family and friends also pay you with the pure joy that comes from being surrounded by blissful people. So, if you can help bring bliss into their lives do it without regret.

Do things for Free

Satisfy your craving for saving the planet by offering free blogs, small seminars, e-books, advice or whatever you can on a small scale to help reach out to those who have not yet found a way of paying for services like yours. This is a great way of spreading your energy into the general public and helping people to understand the value of natural healing, spirituality, and whatever greenish endeavor you have embarked upon.

Get Some Healing

Connect with other healers, artists, entrepreneurs. Especially those who do your type of work and trade services. Keep yourself in check that you are not letting your own practice drain you from providing yourself with what you need. Listen to your body’s message and follow through with what you need to do for you. Remember, the healthier you are the more you can provide the world. Health also clears our perception of energy and allows us more control of our lives

Darling friends, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making money and exchanging equal energy for the work you do. If you don’t make profit somehow,  you may need to go work for someone else’s company where you will have less time to spread your entrepreneurial gifts. Money and gratitude will come when you are ready to embrace it. And, it will grow in your life when you know what to do with it.

Love and Blissings to you all!!


photo credit: Vision Board by amypalko