Bliss Consciousness Resource Center

It’s TRUE! The whole MULTIVERSE (all of the many universes and dimensions) are going CONSCIOUS! We are raising our vibrations and expanding both our knowledge and WISDOM.

So, what does this mean for you? What’s your role and how can you step more into it?

This resource center is meant to be a kick-starter for you. Some fuel for your conscious fire. A place you can come to find out more about what’s going on in the world.

Don’t Believe a thing. Just Consider it All!

When you join us at Bliss Academy  for Psychic Skool or Reiki Training, we take all of these concepts more personally and use them to dig up what’s already within you. We create a personal relationship for mutual expansion. We dig deep. We Activate Your Purpose! So, we recommend these tools to all of our students.

Here, we’re compiling resources that have been ESSENTIAL for us on our journey. The independent media, websites, video, audio and wonderful teachers, energy workers, healers, scientists and students of life who so freely share their knowledge with us on the internet have been a huge part in our growth. We are so grateful for all of the people and energies whose work we share here. We don’t know all of them personally, but urge you to connect with as many of these people as you feel called to. We are creating more beautiful connections each day, and every time we do, we grow exponentially.

You can find many of these resources and more by simply doing an internet search yourself. But, we feel that if we share what has worked for us you can spend less time “searching” and more time BEING.

We’ve divided the videos in categories, to help you get your groove on with what you are most interested in experiencing, and we’ve added our commentary where we felt it to be helpful.

This resource center will continue to grow.

We hope you enjoy.

Click on the links below to get started.


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A New Word: Multiverse

Just when the word “universe” was getting a little old — seeing as though it totally doesn’t describe the multi dimensional vastness in which we live, I discovered THIS WORD: “M U L T I V E R S E.”

According  to Wikipedia, a multiverse is a “hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James.[1] The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.” See here for  more:

I’d been using the word multiverse in my mind for a few days, when I finally heard it used at the Free Your Mind Conference by Alfred Webre. Please check out this video of him speaking there. It offers a whole lot more than the deep insight into the possibilities of this beautiful word. We live in a Multiverse.  We live in an infinitude of BLISSFUL Energy. Dig it 🙂


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