Energy Healing: The Only Way to Save the Planet — Another Brilliant Idea from Laura bruno

Doug and I have been sending Reiki to the ocean for a long time, with intentions to inspire healing for all of our waters and planet. We’ve been interested in creating a  calling of other practitioners, lightworkers and Blissbombs around the world to join us. But, Laura Bruno did it and we are so grateful for her compassion for our planet and talent for bringing people together.

We are excited about joining the calling to put our collective energy into saving the planet together.  Laura asks that we all begin on May 1 and add our own personal energetic contribution through ritual, art, Reiki, prayer, mantra. We all have something beautifully healing to give.

Please read Laura’s post and her entire blog. It’s chock-full of necessary knowledge and spirit.

Ocean’s Eleven-Eleven: You’re Invited