365 Books to Bliss

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Writers read, right? Well, this year, I’m gonna take a pretty huge bite out of some books that I’ve been dying to read for years. And then some more.

It’s On!

Someone said I couldn’t read a book a day and blog about it this year… that’s all I needed to hear to officially challenge myself. My reading quest this year will consist of reading 1 book each day and sharing the juicy bits with you.

I don’t plan on spoiling endings for you. But, I’ll let you  in on what I got out of each book, why I was drawn to it and if and why I recommend it.

100 Years of Solitude

My heart is crying  tears outloud for how long it’s been since I read a good novel. I’ve been stuck in a non-fiction world, filling my brain with reality and it hurts. Every time I buy what looks like a great book, I ask my hubby to read it. I haven’t been allowing myself to indulge in fiction (especially  new fiction.. for like…. years (if you don’t count the fact that I read “On the Road” once a year.

100Years of Solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez will  pull me outa the  fliction slump. Can I read it in a day?  We shall see. I’ve been practicing with some shorter, less hilarious works to get me started.

Can I really read  365 books in 2011? We shall see! I’ll tell you for sure, I’m going to read whatever I’m drawn to, and then report honestly back to you and see what happens.
Let me know if you have any recommendations or want to join me.

Let the games begin,