Kymamatica the Movie: Consciousness, Shamanic Values and Choosing our Path

I love this movie. I’ve probably seen it 20 times. I just had to post it here today to share with you. I’m an advocate of choosing our own paths, which may be completely different, but joining together  to honor and support those very differences. What makes us unique helps us progress, and also connects us.

“Kymatica” is full of inspiration and quotes. Here is one of my faves!

‎”What makes anyone an authority figure enough to say that something is true or false? And, why are you denying or accepting anything based on the suggestion of another person? Why aren’t you making that decision for yourself?… There is no such thing as good or bad information. It’s all what you do with it … Let everything be your Bible. Give every… situation an honest and open mind. Because then its your responsibility to respond to it in the way that you choose… that’s the point when no matter how many people tell you you’re wrong or right, you are not dependent on their approval. If we at least question our own actions. question our own thought process and make a conscious decision to what we feel is right every single day. That is what I believe to be divinity. That’s true shamanism. And that, to me, is what it really feels like to be alive. — (Ben Stewart, KYMATICA )


Growing out of the Law


Yesterday I had a friend call me with a legal question.  It was a question that I had been asked a considerable amount of times, while working in the law.  My mind usually reverts directly to legal mode, and the answers come quickly. Yet I found myself struggling this time.

I used to love the law and the work that I did in it.  It was fun and fascinating, but this call didn’t feel that way.  I started wondering why I wasn’t falling into my preoccupation as usual, and then it hit me.  The law isn’t so “by and for the people” as it purportedly should be.  My friend had an issue where he was concerned that “the system” would take incorrect evidence and attempt to use it against him.

The average person would say not to worry about such a random paranoia… not me.  I have seen way too much to think that an innocent man can’t get abused by the legal system.  It truly has little to do with who is right or wrong, and lots to do with who you are and how you communicate.  You are allowed to represent yourself in court free of an attorney, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to listen to what you have to say.

Against a smart attorney, an innocent man’s words will easily be construed –and he might even end up incarcerated by the end of the day.  You never know what your elected official is going to think of the type of shoes that you wore that day.  They might think that you are an unfit human for not having a short hair cut.  You never know, and you never can know.  That’s what makes our legal system so scary.

I have seen people attempt to take on knowledgeable attorneys and get slapped around like rag dolls.  The defendant would be asked a loaded question, and when they would try to respond with an explanation that would clear their name — the attorney would force them to give only  answers that supported the plaintiff.  The defendant can’t fight this type of badgering, as the sheriffs are looking to arrest anyone who doesn’t stick straight to the rules.  “Contempt of court!  Give this man a free lunch and a cell to enjoy it  in,” yells the judge.

What happened to all of those movies we watched, where the good guy gets his moment in court?  Remember how satisfying it felt to watch them give their explanation and win the case based on fair logic?  Yeah, that doesn’t exist.  Our court system on average isn’t what you see on TV.  It doesn’t get down to the core of an issue.  It is only there to survive.  Survive?

Our courts,  laws,  and other government systems  thrive on your participation.  The legal system uses the blind side of law enforcement to carry out any act that can be bought.  Yes, police get paid to do things like evacuate elderly women from their homes.  Remember that law enforcement also hinges on you getting in trouble by “them’ –which continues this reciprocal system between  the courts and police. If it wasn’t so, then police would drive you home when you were found drunk driving or maybe tow your car instead of taking you to jail. ” Serve and Protect” is simply catchy advertising.  Money, Power and Control are the true motives.

We have been led to believe that we don’t have voices anymore.  If you would like a preview of what I am talking about, then I highly recommend going into the  traffic room of your local courthouse before the judge takes the bench.  They are going to go through a list of the our REAL rights, and then warn that an attempt to fight “the system,”  will bring on serious consequences.  If you want an even better example of this type of intellectual slavery, then I recommend taking it a step further and watching how the defendants are herded before “Your Honor’ and reprimanded.  Watch them keep their mouths shut, and accept their fate out of fear.

Now, back to my friend… I am going to tell you the same thing that I told him.  All of these people in this misguided system that WE set up — are just people.  Some of them are elected officials that the people chose on their ballots (usually on no real premise), and others just took a course and got a job.  Either way, they are simply people, and they are only doing what you are willing to allow them to do.

If you want to invoke real change, then you have to get involved with them and start talking.  I have a lot of issues with pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politics, so I joined the Canary Party.  Involve yourself with people who think for the betterment of society.  When I have a problem with something I like to figure out the root cause of the dilemma and go after it.  Whether I have to organize a protest or simply call up a regulatory authority, I find ways to get positive outcomes.

Let them know that you have a voice and stand behind it.  There is nothing that a school bully hates more then being exposed.  Start climbing the ladder that is trying to suffocate your true self.  “We The People” initially set up a system that included justice and domestic tranquility.  Use it. If you have a problem with any system that WE set up, then I implore you to start advocating your Blissed Life.  Remember that WE set that system up.  It is fallible, and it CAN be changed.  Life is beautiful.  Keep producing positive change in everything that you do.


Canary Party Launches: Action to End Corruption Behind Autism and Childhood Illness


Did you know that 1 out of every 2 children in America has a serious illness that requires special care? There is overwhelming evidence that environmental, chemical and electromagnetic toxins play a huge role in the formation of autoimmune dysfunction like allergies, asthma, autism and more. These toxins are in our air, water, food supply, schools, workplaces, homes and virtually everywhere we walk. These toxins are very much man-made and can be stopped.


About a month ago, I asked you to join me in “Oceans 11:11,” a virtual gathering of energy workers whose goal was to heal the core of our “issues.”  The issues being the things that keep us sick and spiral into poor decision making on a grand scale which results in war, depression, and mass negativity.  I referred to my energetic healing contribution as “Healing the Earth’s autism.”That’s because, to me, autism represents the absolute disharmony (physical, mental, emotional, karmic, neurological, immune etc).  To me, the state of our collective health and the conditions of our planet and environment are autistic. On some level, our planet and all of us are experiencing autism (through allergies, brain fog, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, toxic overload, metal poison, parasites, etc).


So, we’re given this huge challenge — live with the pains associated with a global autism spectrum infection, (which is notably resulting in population IQ loss, complacency and, of course more toxic overload), or we can find the blessing behind this pandemic and do something about it. I don’t know what it is about us humans, but we don’t seem to take action unless it’s our last resort. Perhaps, it takes all of the baby steps for us to realize where to  go next.


Well, I’ve got amazing news for you. The baby steps have been taken. Parents and activists have spent decades begging our  political representatives  to make policy changes that protect our health. We’ve known since the 1980’s that vaccines can cause major brain damage and the evidence of their Ill effect on our children’s health continues to mount. We’ve known that pesticides are neuro-toxic by nature (due to the fact that they are designed to attack the nervous systems of pests), and we have done all of the preliminary work to convince the powers that be that our babies’ lives are more important that the cash they  make on toxic chemicals. We’ve done the work. No one has listened. So, what’s the amazing news? The amazing news is that our dues have been paid for us. We now have the power, the energy and the platform to begin taking real action.


The most exciting moment of the  “autism one” conference this week has been the announcement of the Canary Party. It’s Political. It’s Healthful. It’s so full of information and inspiration that I dare you not to join. If you want to make and see real changes happen for the health of your kids, check out their site. If you are sick and tired of “walking” for the cure of something (anything) and raising money for bogus research that never offers to carry out healthy changes, now you have a place to turn to. The great thing is that this is not about autism. This is not about democrats vs republicans. This is not about any other agendas other than creating the healthiest non -toxic world for our children –beginning with American political policy. And, you know that’s where we need to start.


A problem with proving that all of these toxins are responsible for brain damage, autism and more is that the current policies do not require testing of such toxins.  They have been “grandfathered in” and assumed to be safe. I can prove that my son has toxic overload (metals, pesticides etc), and I can demonstrate his improvement after detoxifying him and rebuilding his immunity through food and natural healing. But, if we keep  up this line of thinking, then lots more children will need to get sick. Let’s be proactive. Let’s prevent further damage by demanding that the government prove safety to us so that we can make real informed decisions on what we want or don’t want in our bodies.


The Canary Party is in it’s infancy stages and needs the help of all of us to make the dream of a healthier planet into reality. We are going to demand the changes needed. Let’s get rid of the toxic crap that threatens us daily. Let’s transfer that burden of proof to our government. With hard-core, valid science backing and careful strategies for positive change, I feel as though this is certainly one answer I want to spend my time on.


I want to see real policy changes. And, I don’t want to beg for them. In his announcement of the party today, Mark Blaxill told us that it is time to stop begging and start demanding. I’ve written letters, made phone calls, spread the word of healthier living to every parent, friend and client who has come my way, But, when it is so much easier to purchase products that are dangerous for our health than ones that are good for us…most of the people I speak to actually wonder about the validity of my claims. I mean, why would our country, The Great and Mighty America promote illness?


It’s clear to me that my efforts and yours for the past years and decades and especially on our global healing initiative have paid off. We have gotten some core healing. Earth’s autism is a message that can help us get healthier than we’ve ever been before. Sure, the toxic build-up around every corner affects us negatively. But, we can live clean lives and eat clean food. This alone is bringing deep healing to many, including my own family.  What’s more is that we can make our food and our planet cleaner for those to come.


I think, we can stop asking why.. why was this done to us? And look to what we can do now. Just LOOK at what we can do NOW. Now is truly our time to shine. People are trying to tell me that autism rates in Korea are as high as 1 in 38 children. That’s 1 in every 38 children with a deep message on how to get back to the earth and feel better once and for all. To use our full brain potential. Our creativity. Our passion. Our skills. To go out there and take some real action.  Listen to what our kids are telling us!

It’s finally time for you to do what you have always wanted to do. You have so much power. And, the power in numbers is exponentially greater.


What will you do with this new info? I’ll be headed to Minnesota for the July 22 Canary Party Convention to see how I can help more.


Thank you to the age of autism staff  for your inspirational talk today at “autism one” – you’ve been my #1 News source for autism news since day 1, and you keep me smiling as I learn. 


I also urge you to join me in another Oceans 11:11 event on June 15, where we focus on taking back our power. As you can see, I believe we are right on track for that.