Making Positive Decisions and Inspiration from Ganesha

Ganesha at Halebeedu
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Originally published in 2011, But oh how relevant it still is!

A late night visit from the 3-D Ganesha helped clear my air last night and remind me of my path. Ganesha, the remover of obstacles (according to Hindu culture) appeared to me as I looked up from my near-sleep, and he simply smiled. He’d never shown himself so clearly to me before, so of course — I rubbed my eyes to look again.  Read more

On Being an Energy Healer: How Vegas Brought My Sizzle Back

holding hands

My first crush was a boy who lived across the street from my Nani. In our kindergarten year, he proposed marriage to me on the “good morning” circle, and kissed my hand. That was the first time I recall the sizzle. I had fun with it. My hands and feet would tingle when I touched certain people. In third grade some boys caught on, and enjoyed sitting across from me — gym shoe to gym shoe. I assumed they felt it too. (Please don’t forward this to my dad).

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I Still Have So Much Crying to do over autism: Moon-Day Musings


I haven’t cried much lately. And, I am someone who really benefits from a good emotional release through tears. Whether it be inspired by a total girl movie, like “The Notebook” (which incidentally, I refuse to watch anymore), the pain of the world,  or a song, I love it. I honor it. I’m not afraid to let those tears flow. I love crying. Read more

A Note from Autism

I want you to see what I see and hear what I hear. I want you to feel the texture of the air on your face the way I do. I want you to know that sometimes you think I’m not responding because I am checking in with all of the data-bases in my head to decide how to best share with you.


Sometimes I need alone time for that. Sometimes I need to dance my body, shake my hands, spin, hum, chew on something or even make noises that are weird to you. I cannot help that I am so full of information to share, nor can I help that you don’t already have a means for understanding my ways.


But, I’ll tell you what, if you look and listen you will see what I mean. If you try, you can clearly see that I am always responding to you. Always. That I am always trying to communicate with you. I don’t care if you don’t like me or think I’m weird. That is not my concern. But, I did come here with a message and if you don’t get it, none of us will feel accomplished.


It doesn’t matter how I got this way. Maybe I came here this way. Maybe I came to open you up to something more magical than you have ever imagined. Maybe I came to show you how to heal yourself and your planet. Our planet. Maybe I come from a place I remember dearly and wish to retain many of my own customs. I certainly did not come here to conform. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have things to learn. Show me how I can feel better in my body. Show me how I can embrace my path even deeper. Show me how I can have more fun and feel more successful.



And, Mom and Dad,


I want to feel good.  I really do. I might fight things I don’t understand because I’ve had to create boundaries for my own safety. Sometimes my body, mind and spirit are not in alignment. It’s difficult to explain. But please please don’t give up on me. Soon,  you will be able to understand what I’m fighting over fear and what my body is actually rejecting. I chose you because I trust that you will find the right help just for me. Maybe it’s new foods. Maybe it’s a different way of thinking. But, I know we will find it. I know you can help me feel better. And, you already have.


Every time I look into your eyes, I see your heart. And, I remember why I chose you. One day, I’ll show you how to do that too.


Thank You!


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Unschooling Monday Moon-Day Mayhem: Getting Angry and Loving It!

Those chocolates are a combo of raw organic coconut oil, raw cacao powder, sea salt, raw honey, and fresh raw almond meal! we blended, molded and froze for about an hour. Great Moon Fudge ❤

The Moon influences the way we feel. Think about it. Notice when your emotions are high or low, when you feel more-so reflective, dreamy or passionate, and then take a look at the shape of the moon.  Or find out what sign it is flowing through at the time.

Of course, astrology being the first science, there is a great deal of information about how the stars above inspire the way we think, feel and act. The Moon tends to have a more noticeable effect on us Earthlings because it is so close. (I’m aware of many theories about how and why the moon was created including the idea that our current moon is a hologram. But, I decided to make this post short). Read more

Retrograde Reiki Readings $123 on 1/23

10314649_10153169650426988_2962507052415981917_nHow Fun would it be to CELEBRATE 1/23 with a FACE TO FACE Session? I’m inspired to offer RETROGRADE REIKI READINGS from the comfort of your own home. I’ll Share with you A Reiki Healing Atunement and Intuitive Reading to help LIGHT your way. And, I’m offering it for $123 (a $32 discount) If you sign up between now and 1/24 at 1:24 pm pst. Here’s some more info about my work.

Chat and Phone are still available if you prefer.

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As long as you sign up for your session on between 1/23 and 1/24 at 1:24 pm pst 2015, you may schedule your session at any convenient time.




Reiki Certification Training for Conscious Parents, Autism and Special Needs: Tele-Class (Levels 1-2)



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Heal Our Children:: Heal Our Planet

We want you to feel the relief and transformation we get to see with our son every day! We want your children to live up to their potentials and have fun on the journey thereReiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that helped us heal our son from an autism diagnosis.  Now, we are offering this virtual course that combines Reiki Teachings with the intricacies of helping ALL of our children THRIVE. 

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Instant Manifestations: Intro to Reiki Deep Healing Meditation Class



More than ever, we are meeting people who are ready for deep healing. Ready to transform illness and stress into complete Bliss. Ready to open to their purpose and the infinitudes of our human capabilities. And, ready to do the necessary life work to make that happen.

This Sunday August 10th, we will share our special gifts to help make this happen for you.

Come join us for 2 hours of deep energy healing meditation where you will receive the frequencies to shift your pain and stress, to open your mind to thinking well and in the abundance of your true potential.

This Class includes:

An introduction to Reiki and You as an Energy Healer
2 hours of guided deep meditation
Personal energy healing for consciousness shift
A Reiki Healing Attunement

Please join us if you wish to go deeper into your practice regardless of your current level.

Sunday August 10th
Noon- 3pm
Bellflower/ LA private residence (address will be given upon registration)
Please arrive 11:45 am

And contact for address and directions.

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Money Healing: How to REALLY LOVE Your Money with Reiki and Meditation


Do you Love Money?   What was the last amazing thing you did with your money?

I bought my house. Paid in FULL. My family has an amazing place to live, and even travel in, and it’s all paid for.

I did that with my money. I love money. But, I used to equate it with greed and snobbery.

In July 2014  we got together with  some online family and did a global healing on all of the money flowing through our system. We noticed a MAJOR shift, and want to offer this deeper healing to you, if you missed it.  Simply  read along and  participate by adding your name to the list  in our “comment ” section. Your name and intentions will be added to our healing.  Read more