Saying GoodBye to our First House on Wheels


Update: We sold our House on Wheels and are now bringing our tour around the world. We’ll be ready for the right even more eco-friendly RV when we get back to the states.

After a month stuck in Amarillo Texas with a broken down engine, and the misadventure of purchasing an engine that didn’t fit….. We have decided to sell our beloved house on wheels and move on to one that can suit us even better. We’ve made many Eco-friendly upgrades and would have loved to continue doing so, but it’s really not in the cards for us right now.

You can view videos of what it looks like here:

Bliss Mobile Eco-Fied RV Remodel Day 99: Insulation and EMF Protection


Emf protection is very important to us. WE have since learned that the earthing mats mentioned in this video are not a good source of protection, and that they make you a part of the electric circuit. We have protective crystals behind the walls like selenite, hematite, obsidian, garnet, quartz , which are also there to offer us grounding energy. We wrapped our wiring in copper because our reading showed us that there was a chance that it would be better, as we could not afford to completely replace all of the wiring. There is a lot of conflicting information out there on this topic. So, our safest bet is to unplug whenever we can, sleep outside under the stars often, have less emf producing devices… we have no cell phones, tv, microwave, washing machine, etc, and simply keep our own energy as balanced as possible. This is an important topic to us, so we will continue to update you on what we learn, and how we upgrade our house on wheels.

Eco -Style Touring and Family Life on the Road

I swear my hubby and I have pavement in our blood. We love the road. We love traveling. And, I for one made it my secret birthday wish YEARS ago to sleep under the stars more nights than not. And, Finally, Finally — it’s all coming into fruition.

We Got our RV Bliss Mobile, and it’s time to celebrate!

7 months ago, we vowed to get on the road,  show our son the world, bring healing and enlightenment to ourselves and whoever else crosses our paths — and to do it ECO – STYLE. If everything we do doesn’t reflect our love for mama earth, we don’t really wanna do it. After really discovering what it’s like to find our true selves and our purpose this time around — we also realized that our health and our Bliss was made possible by this planet and all of her beautiful gifts — the trees, the herbs, the air, the water and  of course, the people and animals.

But, what’s so eco-style about living on the road in an RV?

On-the-road touring can be one of the least earthsponsible (a word I just made up — meaning responsible to our commitment to the planet) things we can do.  Big Houses on Wheels guzzle gas, and can cost people upwards of 25K per year in fuel alone.

If you ‘ve been following this journey, you know that we were in search of a vehicle that we could run on veggie fuel. And, we searched for one for about 5 months. The ones that we found required lots of other costly repairs besides the conversion costs.

Another important factor for our search was that we were looking for an RV to sleep 3 and have room for clients and friends to sit down for great convo and tea with us — as we really want to make the place a roaming  BLISS MACHINE. But, we didn’t want our Home on Wheels to be too big and heavy. We wanted a smaller, more cozy place that was easy to drive. Oh, and I told Doug that no matter what Bliss Mobile we chose, I wanted to tear apart the inside and re-do it. So, for earth’s sake — we wanted something that needed interior gutting and one that ran like a charm.

We chose an RV older than me that runs on gasoline — but runs like a champ, was dirt cheap, and requires minimal  mechanical upgrades, and a complete interior/ cosmetic and structural  re-boot. The inside was a wretched mess when we got her. Score! We’ve always wanted the option to have a home completley designed by us.  We’re recording every inch of our remodel process, btw.

And the “Eco” Part?

The low upfront cost allows us to make interior changes that are toxin-free, recyclable, recycled and/or renewable without hesitation. If we bought an RV with brand new carpeting, I’d have a heavy heart pulling it out and dumping it despite it being dipped in some toxic combo of formeldahyde and cancer.

Here are some more eco-style choices and dreams we have for our new place

  • No/low V.O.C. interior paint
  • Chemical-free wood
  • Recycled, toxin-free insulation
  • Organic Mattresses, pillows and bedding
  • Water Saving system (this is something we are creating and will update you all when we have the plan in place)
  • Buying only whole, unpackaged food (as long as its possible)
  • Composting on the road
  • Sun Oven (we’re building it and will show you how we did it soon)
  • Kick-ass space saving genius work (loving the creative flowy work)
  • Sleeping Outdoors lots to share energy w/ mama earth
  • Growing  our own herbs
  • Re-claiming, dumpster diving and thrifting for cabinetry, sink bowl and other upgrades
  •  Planting Trees and wild greens on the way (dreams of sprinkling arugula and basil or some sort of yum-ilishous and nutritious green in each forest we visit)
  • Gathering Spring Water
  • Minimal Electronics (we’re conserving on phone, computer, internet devices as we also want to stay vibrationally vibrant and not have too much buzzing around us
  • Combining Home and Workspace
  • All Mechanical upgrades purchased at cost or inexpensively as possible and all work done by us (with a little help from some friends)
We will not be installing those “eco-friendly” light bulbs that contain mercury because we feel they are a complete  joke. We’re hoping to continue to improve our fuel efficiency  as we upgrade  and care for this beautious machine. We’re stoked that we were able to rescue her from the hands of those who hung USA flag curtains in her windows. She is  receiving Reiki daily  and we cannot wait to take her on the road and hug you in person.
More on how we plan to homeschool, see clients and Bliss Out on the road soon.  Everything’s being recorded so keep checking in.

9 Suitcases 9 days to Pack: A Challenge in Simplicity

Beginning our road adventures without the house on wheels is forcing us to release more of our possessions than we first planned. Amtrak allows for 9 suitcases. I’m thinking, okay great – let’s travel lightly: First pack the Vitamix (20 lbs of blender), now the water ionizer, my massage table, food dehydrator (nope, we’ll ship that to our first stop)….. We really don’t own many “things,” but our stuff is expensive, heavy and well – very useful for our lifestyle. While I know we will be happier without a hub-bub of material, I need some serious and quick reflection on what’s truly important to us.

So I made a list. Well several.

Necessities for RV Living

  • warm blankets and pillows
  • towels
  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • tent and camp supplies
  • bikes
  • beach umbrella
  • kite
  • Vitamix
  • spiral slicer (oh yes!)
  • food dehydrator
  • water filter
  • minimal dishware and utensils (bamboo and handmade bowls + McDonald’s Dinnerware )
  • yoga mats
  • weights
  • kitchen supplies (nut-milk bag, cutting board)
  • cds
  • family photos
  • food/herbs

Work and Homeschool

  • 2 laptops
  • camera
  • Flip Cam
  • books and research
  • biomat
  • healing stones
  • massage table
  • tapestries
  • drum
  • rain stick


  • blocks
  • crayons and paper/coloring books
  • fave toys (Woody, Buzz, Toy Story gang)
  • ball and glove
  • puzzles
  • playing cards

We have to cross out things like the massage table and bikes which cannot fit on the Amtrak, and are easily replaceable after a quick stint on Craig’s List. The kite and weights will have to go too. Our clothes are already minimal and ready to be squished in the vacuum travel bags.

Things like my juicer, ice cream maker, Magic Bullet Express, which is awesome for cultured veggie making, are all going to have to stay behind. So is my Dyson Vac– The King of Clean. I sure will miss him.

Good thing the dehydrator is being shipped to meet us when we arrive in Chi-town. Can’t live on the road without kale chips.

So, is this list practical?

We’ll need to replace our cookware once we score the RV because lugging it doesn’t make sense. Have you lived in an RV? Any tips on living light and still covering all the bases? We’ve made a commitment to make only sustainable purchases – those which are as eco friendly as possible, long-lasting, and can be re-used, re-purposed or recycled. Of course, we’re not opposed to alley shopping.

Now, to do something sustainable with the great items that will be left behind.

Making the decision to simplify isn’t always easy as pie – even if you aren’t completely married to your stuff. Fact is, we bought our stuff (or rescued it from the alley). So, we are responsible for it. We won’t throw it away. Where is “away” anyway? We won’t give it to someone who won’t use it or someone who will dump it soon.

We’ve chosen to list the big stuff on Craig’s List and host a Bon Voyage Easter Potluck to give the rest away to friends. If you’re in Santa Monica this Sunday and want to have dinner and possibly take home a crock pot – talk to me. Whatever is still here Monday will be taking a walk to the best alley locay for dumpster diving or the Salvation Army down the street.

I can’t wait to see what actually makes it on to the train with us, what we ship to meet us and what we say goodbye to. I’ll keep you posted.

We’ll be back in SoCal this summer for more adventures and with even less stuff!



Bliss Tour, Chocolate, Reiki and a Sustainable Lifestyle

This Post was originally written in January 2011, at the beginning of our Bliss Tour! It’s cool to see how far we’ve come — buying and selling the RV, traveling the US and living in Mexico for 6 months. Life is BLISS!

Back in December 2010, I drew the “retreat card” from a deck of angel cards and the events that have ensued have been crazy style amazing.  I gotta say that as an energy worker and one who constantly witnesses the results of the “super natural” in action –I’m quite the skeptic. I’m not one for tarot cards. I’m not one for listening to “guides” or psychics — UNLESS the messages ring true for me on a deep level. I mean logic has got to play some role in my decision-making.

That retreat card symbolized the simple sustainable adventurous life that Doug and I have dreamed of our whole lives. 2 years ago, the same energy brought us to Santa Monica, CA to get healthier, expand our minds and our business ideas. Things just move fast in Bliss Land.

We’re growing so quickly, we can’t help but feel the urge to use that expansive energy to spread the Bliss to you. I recently wrote a blog titled “How your intuition can save the world.” This trip is my husband’s and my intuitive answer to the next step in fulfilling our purpose.

How can we all live a more sustainable, Blissy, earth-loving life?

We hope to find out. Purging more possessions and gearing up to live in and travel via RV (on veggie fuel and/or zero emissions vehicles), composting, wild food forging, planting, unschooling, sharing from our hearts will  help us discover that. So will connecting with all of you.

We feel that there is a better way to feel good and accomplish your goals, and we’re on the road to discover that. It’s time to change things around. Re-allocate the wealth to the people, shift our priorities and wake up to what we can do to help.

Our gift is primarily our energy and our experience. By giving of our truest selves we hope to inspire you to do the same and find your purpose.

Life on the Road

Do you know that at the rate of waste that we create — we actually require the equivalent of 3 planet earths to manage our crap? We cannot subscribe to that which so deeply harms our planet… anymore.

Need the Bliss Machine

We’re in search of a used RV that can be made to run on veggie fuel or some other sustainable fuel. We’re jumping without the net because our message has to get out there. If you know of an RV for sale…  (or rent, buy, barter or borrow) send the deets our way.

Look Forward To

We’re hosting camping retreats, classes, potlucks and offering all of our current coaching and healing services. The only difference is that this time – it’s very likely we’ll be able to talk and work with you in person. Check our Tour Events link for scheduled cities, and blogs for our latest updates.


We’ll be incorporating energy Healing and Reiki in most of our workshops. Our final Santa Monica (Reiki Level 1 and 2) certification class before we leave, takes place this Saturday April 23. Please email me at if you’d like to join us.

Host Us in Your Area

Contact us if you’d like to host a class in your home or town. Hosts get free classes and private sessions.


I can’t leave you without some chocolate. My Italian Nana taught me better than that. For some of you celebrating easter next Sunday, you might like to make these for your loved ones as a much healthier option.

This is from my upcoming book, “Are You Eating Your Bugs?”

Cultured Cacao-Wows


  • 2 ½ cup raw organic cacao powder
  • ½ cup cacao butter
  • ½ cup – 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vitamineral Green powder
  • 1 packet Body Ecology kefir starter
  • 1 packet Body Ecology culture starter
  • Glass jar or bowl with lid
  • Candy molds of choice
  • Blender

Add-ins: sea salt, cacao nibs, and mesquite; cherries, cayenne and sea salt; maca, mesquite and lucuma; , cinnamon,maca, mesquite and lucuma; spirulina and mint; Gojii berries, bee pollen and anything else you like with your chocolate!


  • Melt cacao butter at 80 degrees in food dehydrator or in double boiler
  • Stir in cacao powder
  • Blend with coconut sugar in blender
  • Pour into glass jar
  • Add green powder and culture starters
  • Let ferment for 36 hours
  • Add your add-ins
  • Pour into molds
  • Refrigerate and Bliss Out!

Thanks to all of clients, friends and family for helping make our lives so full. We can’t wait to see what unfolds here.

Learn more about Gina and Doug.



The Retreat Card

An Autosleeper Harmony Campervan on a Talbot E...
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The “Retreat” card sprung from the Angel Card deck like it would  rather suffer a concussion than not have me believe he belonged to me.  I’m not a “follower” of one message, one idea or one piece of advice. I am a collector of knowledge and a tester of results. I am a practicer of ideas whose only notion of failure is what happens when I don’t jump in full force.

I wanted to know what message I am missing — what more I can do to feel lighter, healthier, on the right path.  10 cards were drawn in total –and if I told you all of them, you’d laugh a hard belly laugh for how much the universe is telling me to let go, trust and rest.

But, the retreat card is the one that I see when I close my eyes. The card told me to get up and go now. That all my work, family and finances were taken care of. That a retreat, and an extended one, would be heathifying and educational for me.

When you add “Retreat” to the other cards that my friend spread out in front of me that night — it would seem that the universe has really made my reservations, paid my bills in advance and juiced my greens for the journey.

And, why not believe this? I know that I’ve been running on spirit and fumes for quite some time, but I dig what I do.  I know that I need to get out and experience more of the world. And,  the longer we stay in our apartment, the longer we are exposed to emfs that flippin killed my huge houseplant and air that’s not so delicious to breathe.

I’m giving in to the retreat. I’m letting go and setting my energies on allowing the universe to let my life continue to unfold.

The Dougs and I are conjuring up a juicy plan that would allow us to travel for a year in an RV, and spread the Bliss through healing sessions, classes and speaking events around the country. All at a slow, steady and Blissy speed of course.  We are looking for the most economical way to rent an RV (hopefully one that is fuel efficient, eco friendly — would be awesome if it ran on veggie juice).

If you have any tips that would help us travel on the cheap I would so appreciate it.  Help me retreat, loves! And, I will help you retreat. You so know I will.

We’ll keep you posted as the journey unfolds for us. There’s sure to be lots of autism information and healing in the mix. We home school our boy and plan on sharing the love with families who want to know more about autism recovery.

Check out where our tour has led us: Tour Events  and Tour Blog