365 Books to Bliss: 2 Vaccine Books

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I cried, huffed and puffed, took notes, re-read and dug these 2 books for every ounce of in-between-the-lines knowledge they gave me.

2 books written about vaccines by 2 journalists on opposing sides of the vaccine safety debate

Book 13: “Vaccine” By, Arthur Allen

Read This if you want to know how we got the idea to vaccinate and the history behind them, plus a lot about how they work. Scandal and opposition date as far back as the first jab ever given in this country.

Like I said, I’m a between-the -line  reader, but I also feel this dude did an excellent job of presenting the facts. It’s just that there are tons and tons of facts that he didn’t address.

This book is very well worth the read. Do it and see what you think.

Book 14: “Evidence of Harm” By, David Kirby

If this book simply chronicled the scandal and suffering behind mercury (thimerisol) in vaccines it would be worth a double -read. But in fact – -the book goes deeper into the bio-medical approaches to the toxicity in autism.  We follow several families through their autism diagnoses, connection to vaccine damage, and learn how these families (who would up creating agencies like Safe Minds)  battled government liars for the health and safety of all of our children.

Read This… That’s all I can say. I cannot do it justice. Just remember that mercury (thimerisol) in vaccines is only ONE problem with vaccines, and only ONE factor in autism and illness.

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