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Heal Our Children:: Heal Our Planet

Originally published December 19, 2014

We want you to feel the relief and transformation we get to see with our son every day! We want your children to live up to their potentials and have fun on the journey thereReiki is a beautiful form of energy healing that helped us heal our son from an autism diagnosis. Now, we are offering this virtual course that combines Reiki Teachings with the intricacies of helping ALL of our children THRIVE. 

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To Vaccinate or Not: Your Decision

When I first became a mom, deciding whether or not to vaccinate my son was not in my realm of thinking. I didn’t realize that I had a choice in the matter. I thought that being vaccinated meant being safe against disease. I decided to raise the healthiest, happiest child, and follow the best advice about how to do that.
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Autism Recovery Journey: Healing Earth’s Autism


Autism is on the Rise

Studies tell us that we are at epidemic rates of a mysterious, puzzling disorder called autism (autism spectrum disorder) among humans. But, ever since meeting my son again in this lifetime and experiencing his life with him, I have correlated his way of being with the wonders and the ills of nature, and in particular –our planet herself. In this Time of our Reality.

Because Mama Gaia (Earth) Has a Message

If Mama Earth were given an expert evaluation, I assure you that she’d come out with a label of ASD. And, not JUST because these labels make money for the system who keeps us sick. But, because all of Mama Earth’s symptoms add up to a toxic overload that expresses itself in the form of regressive development (bees becoming extinct, more animals being born with birth defects, loss of minerals in soil, loss of crops); inability to socialize appropriately for her age (Mama is at least 4 billion, and her cells (US) struggle to communicate); digestive and systemic organ malfunction (earth quakes, tornadoes, climate change).

Understanding the Gift of Change

Now, I’m not implying that these are all BAD things. They are Mama’s way of pushing out the toxins that she has been unknowingly injected with — (pesticides that inhibit her nervous system and so much more). Mama’s outward expression of war, planetary upheaval and confusion stems from her body’s need to push out toxins and renew herself. She is healing. She will survive with or without us. Her autism-like symptoms are her message. It allows us to know what she needs. We can either give it to her, or quite honestly — she can take it and sacrifice us. As her cells, we are quite adaptable to her toxicity. We can learn to live in an unhealthy environment. BUT, Mama knows best. She knows how it feels to be whole and she wants to get back to wholeness.

I’ve worked with hundreds of children with autism and have lived with my own boy for 7 years. I’ve seen the hand- flapping, toe-walking, tantrumming, head-banging, seizures, diarrhea, allergies and more. And, I see these symptoms as our bodies’ way of trying to cleanse, balance and get back to WHOLENESS.

My son was unable to break down proteins due to a lack of proper bacteria and enzymes in his digestive system. We discovered this because he was spinning. We observed when the spinning began, and correlated it with his indigestion of proteins. He spun to balance internal overload with output. He was relieving himself. To ease his pain, we removed protein except for in its predigested fermented form, and then healed his gut so that he could digest on his own. He NEVER had a spinning spell again. When needed, our son would spin, hand-flap, make buzzing noises — all to bring his inner and outer body into wholeness. As he healed, we joined him in these activities to help him feel recognized and help us understand what was going on and why. When it was possible, we would lead him out of repetitive activities.

It’s remarkable to me how we are designed in such a way that our bodies can bring us into balance– even if our conscious minds are unaware of what’s going on. But, in quantum physics, if we observe something…. that is to say, if we become aware of it– the results change. The results are now at least partially dependent on the observer.

So, imagine KNOWING that when your child is tantrumming or spinning, this is a needed step in his return to wholeness. What is bringing him out of wholeness? If someone cannot digest protein (for example), feeding them streak does not give them any protein. This food becomes toxic to them. It putrefies in his gut. So, in this case you’d be dealing with a complication of toxic overload from undigested food, allergic reaction to said food and protein deficiency.

This chain-link of reasoning behind autism symptoms can leave a parent feeling very confused and alone. 

The journey to healing speeds up once we embrace the gifts of this change. These symptoms are taking you somewhere. They are not meant to leave your children in pain. It’s quite a leap for some to trust their instincts and take their healing back to Earth, and slowly ALLOW nature’s power to do HER wonders. To hug the Earth is to experience one of the most healing vibrations that we know.

But, we are taught to jump into recovery, killing autism and all of the bad bugs that come along with it with chelation, factory-made supplements and the like. I didn’t have to go there. I simply embraced our mama. Supplements and modalities that do work are the ones that mimic nature– and I have experienced their usefulness for short-lived periods of time.

Why do you think Mother Nature would react in earth quakes and climate change?

Her condition is not a mistake. It is just as it needs to be in order for her to move on to her next phase of consciousness.

When I met my son, and learned that he had autism, I understood that he came here to be the way he is so that people can learn what he and the earth need to heal.

People with autism carry this message of higher consciousness. They are different thinkers. Some call them neuro-diverse. We are headed into a phase of consciousness where human caca like banking systems, governments and institutions are crashing and being re-born differently.

When the dust settles, what’s left will be a diverse group of people with far more intellectual, creative and manifestation power than ever before.

It’s not time to control or medicate and put these beautiful souls in a box labeled autism. It’s a time to listen to them and do everything we can to ALLOW their amazingness to come through.

We are Just as We Should Be

Science continues to prove a divine plan, and although we have some pretty extreme manifestation powers, we are not working at this alone.

Our kids with autism are just as they should be. They are fulfilling their purpose quite well because people are waking up all over the place. But, being as they should be and being sick are two different things. I see it as part of my own purpose to help people wake up to the fact that accepting autism has nothing to do with accepting illness. Once the key to the illness part is discovered, everyone can begin feeling better. And neuro-diversity is not illness.

If you’re a mama or a dad of an angel with autism, know that she/he is here to teach you too! So, as we join hands in gratitude for the blessings– we discover even more healing.

We are All Healing

Healing is what healing means to you. And, I’m not trying to sound like Forrest Gump. I’m only reminding you that only you can feel your purpose and your path. You know where you are supposed to be.

I see healing as change into a place that feels better. I see it as a letting go of what feels wrong and embracing what’s right. And I’m so grateful to be alive at a time when I can experience this with you.

These days there probably isn’t one of us who does not feel the residual energetic effects of our Mama Earth’s auto-immune disease. It’s real and we know it. But at the same time, we have the power to help one another transcend it.

We are not our labels.

As a matter of fact, we are perfect. We simply forgot that. If we remembered our perfection and the light that we came from, we would understand our power to heal.

Let go of all that ails you today (whatever you call it)! It’s your key into higher consciousness!

Please join us in giving of your heart’s vibration in honor of experiencing a mass shift in consciousness. Forget the problems and fill your day with light.

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Like, I said yesterday, we are ascending, and cannot afford not to do this.

I enjoyed these vids and hope you will too!


How Spirulina Helped Heal My Family Of Autism And Seizures (And My Chocolate Spirulina Recipe!)

Green Food Is Good

Allow me to introduce you to spirulina,  one of our most favorite super foods! With all of the hype about GMO- Monsanto-Franken-Neuro-Toxic-Mutant food, I wanted you to know that you can still get pure amazing nutritious HEALTHY food. Food that can even negate and detoxify you from the ill-effects of eating the packaged poop stuff.

And prevent further damage.

Spirulina, a form of blue-green algae,  boasts 10 times more beta carotene than carrots, is about 65% protein and provides us with essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Millions of years ago, before we were even a tear-drop in Mother Nature’s eye – Spirulina flourished. The nutrients contained in the spirulina plant helped our planet evolve. It’s perhaps our earliest ancestor.

To me, it offers one of the simplest ways to end world hunger!  You actually need less food when you eat it because it takes care of so many nutritional needs. It grows easily and well in lakes and oceans, and I’m just discovering that it can even be grown in soil.  Think of what savvy organic growers could do with this stuff!

At times when Dougie and I were in deep healing from his autism and my candida — we THRIVED on spirulina. Just adding it to our diets made us happier, gave us energy, and REALLY curbed sugar cravings. Plus it helps tremendously with brain-fog.

The plant has undergone intense studies for the past 30 years, and proves safe for the little ones as well. So, don’t worry so much if they won’t eat their lima beans – push the algae, and get super healthy kids.

Dougie had his first serving at age 3 years and 1 day. And, at 3 years and 1.5 days– he was potty trained. That’s without practice. And, experts told us he had autism, and that meant we could expect delays and complete lack in development.

The first time he ever had the kicked-up spirulina blend from Bio-Age (, he buttoned his shirt for the first time. He lost a tic that he had for a few months, and over a small period of time — he began to speak more clearly. We saw so much developmental BLISS with the BIOAGE Algaes, that we removed most of our other supplements. It’s still a staple.

It reduces brain swelling. It sends nutrients where they need to go without making your body work so hard to digest. This is majorly important in autism and many cases of common illness like allergies and auto-immune dysfunction because digestion is so compromised.

My hubby used it as the main healing tool in helping him recover from a seizure disorder and a 12 year reliance on some pretty harsh prescription seizure meds.

Why wouldn’t we want to use spirulina to feed the hungry? It would open their minds and lift their spirits while nourishing them!

Consuming spirulina (algae) has been linked to recovery from diseases like cancer, ADD, and autism. Research also shows significant progress in its effect against the AIDS virus. In my time working with private clients, I’ve been able to see clarity of mind come back to people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s through the use of  spirulina.

Spirulina is a super food  — which means it is a complete food. Think — something they’d eat on the Matrix. People use spirulina to enhance energy, detoxify poisons (sugar, alcohol, mercury), control weight and balance mood.

Check out this great e-book on Spirulina and Chlorella by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams of Natural News!

Spirulina For Dinner?

So, the question is how does it taste? I’m sure you don’t want to be making yourself an algae salad three times a day just so that you can tout gorgeous skin and enough energy to keep you awake through the night, right? I gotta be honest — some of it is pretty gross! And, while it can be taken in pill-form, you’ve got to watch that you get the purest kind that is without mercury…because if it comes from a toxic lake its got nothing but chemicals, metals, and junk to share with you.

It must be pure. And, I have my favorites. I’m quite fond of Healthforce Nutritionals TRUGANIC Spirulina Manna. I LOVE Real Food Real Life’s Pro-Daily Otic, which is a fermented blend of algaes (green, grains, seeds and sprouts). Both of these taste so good that  I even get my non-health-food-lovin’ friends to crave them. They can easily blend in a smoothie and even be hidden under some raw chocolate as you transition to adding it to your diet. But, once you’re like me and crave this stuff — you’ll find it tastes great in salad dressings and dips too.  Courtney Pool wrote a whole book on spirulina recipes!

How Much Spirulina Should You Eat?

Always go slowly and learn about a food’s energy when adding something new to your diet. Spirulina has an expansive energy which means that it pulls your energy up. For some, this can mean headaches. If you’re feeling hyper or light in the head, that can mean you have some stuck energy, and spirulina can exaggerate that. Not to fear.  All greens have expansive energy. Balancing this out with the “grounding” nature of good quality sea salt is enough for some people to really benefit from this amazing algae minus the headaches.

My recommendation to my clients is usually to begin new healing foods even more slowly than suggested on the label, and take close note of how you feel. When you reach a point where you feel good, you may have hit your ideal dosage. But, it has to be built-up-to.  Traditional Chinese Medicine says it takes 100 days of an herb to start feeling the true benefits.

Most people don’t need to consume lots of spirulina to get great results. It’s potent stuff. The more you consume, the more detoxifying it becomes. Smaller amounts can address nutrient deficiencies from the core up. The way I see it is if you are deficient, like we were, it makes sense to go slowly and really allow the algae to work.  Our family shares a spirulina smoothie almost every morning, and we only use about 1 tablespoon of manna or 1-2 capsules of BioSuperfood brand (much less than recommended) in total. In the colder months, we may have a little less, or at least combine it with more warming and heavier foods in our smoothies like avocado, coconut and cinnamon.

I find the fermented algae from Real Food Real Life to be more grounding.

The fun of natural health is that you build it. Your nutritional needs and tolerances are unique. It’s cool because the experimentation makes you so much smarter about your body and what you put in it. GMO food just causes tumors and sterility.  No fun!

A Heart Of Green

Green foods open your heart chakra. It’s becoming even more popular knowledge that our emotions matter. In fact, they create vibrations that actually heal us.  The vibrations that come from your heart chakra are 500+ times stronger than those that come from your brain. So, yes, your thoughts matter. But real brain connections that create change in your life only happen when there is a corresponding emotional experience with your thought.  When you open your heart to emotions like love, gratitude and forgiveness — your body heals. Spirulina opens your heart chakra in the same way! Seriously…have a few servings and tell me if you don’t feel grateful and in LOVE with life. Food can be a healer for our physical and emotional health.

Here Is My Fave Way To Eat Spirulina…In Chocolate Of Course!

I wasn’t going to let you leave without this.  This is a recipe for my fermented chocolates. Raw chocolate or cacao is another heart chakra opener!  Some of my clients have a hard time tolerating plain raw chocolate.  But the fermentation and addition of these healing herbs and SPIRULINA seems to take care of that.

I like to add spirulina to it to balance out the acidity in the cacao, and add nourishment. Who knew it would taste so good? Most of my friends are pleasantly surprised.

Cultured Cacao-Wows


  • 2 ½ cups raw organic cacao powder
  • 1½ cups cacao butter
  • ½ cup – 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vitamineral Green powder
  • 1 packet Body Ecology kefir starter
  • 1 packet Body Ecology culture starter
  • Glass jar or bowl with lid
  • Candy molds of choice
  • Blender

Add-ins: spirulina, vanilla sea salt and mint;  sea salt, cacao nibs, and mesquite; cherries, cayenne and sea salt; maca, mesquite and lucuma; cinnamon, maca, mesquite and lucuma; Gojii berries, bee pollen and anything else you like with your chocolate!


  • Melt cacao butter at 80 degrees in food dehydrator or in double boiler
  • Stir in cacao powder
  • Blend with coconut sugar in blender
  • Pour into glass jar
  • Add green powder and culture starters
  • Let ferment for 36 hours (keep in dehydrator to keep in liquid form)
  • Add your add-ins
  • Pour into molds
  • Refrigerate and Bliss Out!



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Videos: Doug’s Natural Seizure Recovery with Reiki, Energy Healing and Raw Food

Hey Peeps,

Im so excited my man is finally coming out to tell his own recovery story. It’s also great to have him BACK after a painful detox. But, he did it! You can read his entry about how he detoxed from the seizure medication, Lamictal here:

He gets a bit deeper in these videos. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Autism Recovery Journey: Autism Dad Heals His Own Seizure Disorder and Detoxes from Lamictal

20111117-143641.jpgWhen I was 15 years old I suffered a grand mal seizure. My house had caught to fire while my family was sleeping. We all got out in time, and I sat in the car with my sister and watched as flames flickered up through the basement and began to destroy the only place I had known as home. My sister was beyond consoling, and her screams mixed with the images of the fire dancing its way past the windows was more than my mind could handle. The next thing I remember I was in the hospital trying to figure out what had happened. We were told by the doctors that it was common that such a traumatic experience could push someone’s mind over and force out symptoms so extreme, but something had changed in me that night. My mind had learned how to handle stress in a new way. It wasn’t long until I had another seizure that sent me back to the hospital.

We started seeing neurosurgeons and getting opinions on how to squash these symptoms. The tests were rigorous at times and some of them even led me into having more seizures, due to sleep deprivation and other controls they wanted to test out on me. Different doctors prescribed me all types of miracle drugs that were supposed to help, but didn’t. Little did I know how much of a lab rat I was for western medicine. Finally, after years of searching, we found a drug that stopped my symptoms seemingly entirely. Lamictal was the medication that worked for me. Finally, I could get relief from my seizures and go back to some sort of regular life.

I can still remember my doctor telling me how Lamictal was a safe medication that was going to have no side effects. It’s only purpose was to train my brain to stop having seizures, and then I would simply wean down from my dose until I wouldn’t need it. He failed to mention that the drug was designed for bipolar disorder therapy. At that time I was approximately 18 years old and my dosage was 50 milligrams twice daily.

Things were going well until one day I had another seizure. It’s possible that I skipped a dose, but one of those side effects that Lamictal wasn’t supposed to have was in fact memory loss. If you do skip a dose you might not even remember it. Quite a symptom to avoid sharing with people. My parents took me back to the doctor and they decided that it would be smart to double my dosage. Lamictal is time released and they thought that a higher dose would alleviate some of the symptoms in case my regimen wasn’t completely on target. In fear of having another seizure, I joined the medicine campaign again and upped the dose. I must admit that it seemed to cure the problem, because I didn’t have another seizure for quite some time. However my symptoms from the medicine got much worse.

At the time I was too naive to see the true correlation between the medicine and my mood. I was forgetful and found it difficult to get the will power to do many things. I was being held down and I had no clue of it. I just did what the doctor said. A couple years later 100 milligrams twice daily wasn’t enough. I went back to the neurologist with my parents and he advised us to double the dose again. My parents agreed in a heart beat and I just sat there accepting my fate. I can remember that night discussing it with my mother. Telling her that I didn’t want to be on this medicine anymore, and that I thought the idea was to come off of it, not to be upping my dosage every few years. She got mad at me for this and accused me of stating that she was doing something to hurt me. She overwhelmed me with guilt and I started up the new dosage that night. Besides, the doctors said that this was the highest dose of Lamictal that they could prescribe. I was taking 200 milligrams twice daily now and until they said otherwise.

I thought that I was doing well on it. There would be the occasion where I would forget a dose and I would end up having mood swings that made me very difficult to be around. I would get mad over nothing and I would have no clue as to why. I couldn’t fathom that it was due to the medicine, because it could never be that. It could never be what your mother says is the best thing for you. Over the years I would still have the random grand mal seizure when times would get overwhelming or I would forget a dose. I continued going to the neurologist.

By the age of 22 I was married, and I stopped going to the doctor with my parents and went with my wife instead. We wanted to figure a way for this to all stop. I would tell the neurologist about my symptoms and he would tell me that it was normal for someone who was on Lamictal to be experiencing these side effects. There were times that he would suggest taking other medications, but that seemed to be too much of a risk since my dosage of Lamictal was already so high. What we knew for sure was that since I was still having the seizures upon occasion that lowering my dose would be dangerous, and that I was going to be on this medicine until we could be sure that my mind would forget how to have them.

When I was 24 my wife and I had a baby boy. This might seem like a tangent, but I assure you it is integral to this story. My son was perfect from the day we brought him home from the hospital. He was trying to roll over in his first week and doing great with eye contact. He started speaking only after a few months. Life was great. We had done everything that western medicine had told us to do for him. When he was 2 years old we took him for another round of vaccines. We were just doing what we thought was best for him, but it turned out that we had put our beliefs into the wrong system.

When we got home that day, I noticed that Dougie wasn’t his usual self. Things only got worse from that point on. My walking/talking son wouldn’t even look at me. He wouldn’t look at anything. He wouldn’t move at all. He just sat there and got sicker and sicker. We didn’t understand. This beautiful and healthy person was no longer there. It wasn’t long after that when he was diagnosed with autism. How could my son have autism when he had been more than normal since the day that we brought him home from the hospital. My wife got to work on understanding what had happened to him, and I continued to work long hours and put food on the table. She started making changes to the foods that we were eating in order to build up our immune systems. Dougie and I were not pleased with our new diets. He would throw fits and I would sneak the occasional treat. I guess that I figured that if this were the way that the doctors would have told us so.
Already being aggravated by the Lamictal, it was difficult to come home and have to deal with my son throwing a temper tantrum due to his not wanting to eat peas. I was quick to judge, easy to upset. I felt confrontational. I would plead with my wife to figure something out, as I thought that I was going to go crazy under these circumstances. I realize now that this was selfish, but I was highly medicated. It took months of her standing her ground and my son throwing fits until finally he started to calm down. It was a miracle. His speech didn’t come right back, and his eye contact wasn’t normal just yet, but you could tell that there was a difference in him. He was coming back against all odds. Against the doctors saying that he should be medicated and telling us that he was never going to talk again. It was enough for me to start thinking with her instead of simply standing on the sidelines watching.

As a family our immunities continued to grow and we were learning things about health and wellness that I never thought were possible. By this time I was managing a law firm. It was a high stress job that demanded a lot of time and energy. It slowed down my progress with health, but created a great life for my family. Finally, we decided to move to California, and I was going to set up a remote firm there.We were thrilled. As excited as I was at the prospect of the move, I never knew the dramatic effects that it would have on my health and life. Once we had made it out there, I decided to get rid of all of the habits that I had held onto while working at the firm, i.e. smoking, fast food, minimal sleep etc. Not that I was destroying my body on a grand scale, but these things were slowly killing me and I truly had no need for them. I learned of fermented foods and raw diets that changed my perspective on health, and then something crazy happened.

We invited someone into our home to stay with us for a while and help them out. This person ended up stealing my Lamictal when he left. I had no way of getting more due to the fact that Lamictal is a antipsychotic and they will only allow you a certain amount of pills, which I had already ordered. My wife and I decided that it was time to wean myself down from the stash that I had hidden for “just in case” purposes. If you have ever been on this medicine before then I am sure you have pills in different places, just in case you are cut off from your primary source.

We cut the pills into quarters and I started lowering my dose. At the time I was 29 years old, and I had been on this medicine for over a decade. I added in Bioage, which is a super green algae, and fermented foods to keep brain balance. It helped considerably, but not totally. My withdraw was horrific. There were times when I felt insane, and I was. The medicine coming out of me was torturous. There were times when I thought that I was never going to come back to. I lost my job, and my sanity. My wife nurtured me back to life over the next few months. Not every minute of every day was terrible, but some were more than I could bare. The worst of the symptoms were in the first 2 months. I could feel my skin crawling. I got hot and cold flashes. I thought that random people and police were after me for taking myself off the medication. I was upset with my wife for caring about me too much and had accusatory feelings like she had ulterior motives. Sometimes I felt as if she couldn’t understand my suffering, which created feelings of betrayal. If the sun touched my skin it would make it sizzle, not burn, but tingle like a rash that didn’t want to be scratched. Irritating without a solution. There were times when I felt myself vibrate and it seemed like my energy was seeping out of my body. It was like the accounts of astral projection, but without the wondrous joyful understanding. It was a daily torture to stay together.

I started seeing an amazing acupuncturist named Kirk Forde (, that understood my mission and helped me through my symptoms with different natural herbs and esoteric acupuncture. Thank you Kirk. Slowly I came back to the original me, plus some very extraordinary added benefits. After the crazy faze had worn off and I was no longer feeling like I was leaping out of my body, I started to notice a more awareness of myself and my surroundings. I started remembering things about my childhood that had been repressed for a decade. Suddenly I had very strong intuition.

I can remember being a child and sitting on my bed in the morning having visions of the day to come. I wouldn’t do it intentionally, it just happened. We are told to keep things like that to ourselves in this society and I did. It was something that I shared with no one. I was always shocked at my accuracy to see the upcoming days events. I don’t know when I lost the visions, and honestly, at the time, I might have simply wanted them gone to just be normal. It started coming back though. I started waking up and seeing things again, only this time I was married to a woman who wouldn’t shun me for being different.

When we were living in Chicago about a year before we left, I decided to go with my wife to get attuned to Reiki. At the time I didn’t completely understand what it was or believe in it for that matter. I did it because my wife thought that it would be good for me and wanted me to experience it with her. Reiki is a healing technique that allows you to transfer energy from source into whatever you want to heal. I took the class, but noticed nothing from it. Little did I know that one day I would be using it on a daily basis, as simple as a doctor hands out pills. Having visions was just the beginning of my energy coming back to me. I started using Reiki all the time. I broadcasted it walking down the sidewalk. I can see how people might read this and think that maybe I never stopped being crazy after all, but I assure you that this is as real as it gets. If you had a headache I could put my hands on your head and take it away instantaneously. It got to the point where I could do it without touch as well, even from a distance.

The fact is that Lamictal was holding me down and stripping me of my natural talents and destinies. Western medicine has damaged everyone in my immediate family in one way or another. We are not meant to be living like this. We truly are energetic beings. I have been off Lamictal for over a year now, and I am seizure free. I don’t ever feel like they are even coming on. My diet is extremely nourishing and fulfilling. My life is full of wonder and excitement, and I don’t rely on anything to keep my mood stabilized. My son read me 3 books yesterday and we had a laugh at the funny story lines. My beautiful boy has come back. There is a better way to live and to see life. You don’t need to have another person tell you about your health and how to provide wellness for yourself. If you are taking this drug or anything like it then I am here to help you. You are not alone, but you do need to stand up if you want to break through. It’s time to take the power in your own hands. Stop believing in what society is telling you to believe. Sop believing anyone who is telling you anything, including me. Learn for yourself. You are your best healer, because I assure you that no one cares more about you becoming everything that you want to be more than you. We are all beautiful beings of light on the same path to enlightenment. Raise your energy and believe in yourself.

We will have more information about Lamictal and how I healed.
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Autism Recovery Videos: Bio Age Algae Concentrates (BioSuperfood) for autism Recovery

This was written in the summer of 2009. We’re moving all of our articles from Heal Artfully over here to Blissed Life in order to solidify our mission in one place.

…We’ve had quite an amazing summer full of healing, learning and love! We’ve been on the move and are in transition from Chicago to L.A. so please forgive the late update on Dougie’s experience with Bioage algae supplements.

He has been using them now for just over 2 months and we continue to see improvements. BUT, I must warn that he went through some detox and we did have to tweak the dosage in order for us to feel comfortable with the supplement.

If you are considering using this for yourselves or your children I think it’s a fabulous idea. You can email Dr. Roland Thomas at for information on the proper dosage and blend for you.

Here is a breakdown of what we have seen. The good, the bad and the honest!

The Doctor’s suggested dosage based on email correspondence of Dougie’s condition:

Three capsules of F2 and three capsules of F3 alternated throughout the day and combined with lots of healthy water.

As I have stated before, these micro algae concentrates are hailed to be the perfect food, offering the body the ability to HEAL. So, unlike other supplements that are intended to “fix something” it gets absorbed and helps create vitamins in the gut as well as absorb nutrition from other foods. They are designed to fix the source of the problem.

Doctor Thomas also suggested that we try Bio Age without any other supplements. I wasn’t so sure about that. But, our supplements are all whole-food based, like hemp, chia, mineral powders, milk thistle etc. I assumed I would need to cut down on them, but didn’t want to take them all away.

It turned out that after 2 pills in one day Dougie was so wiped out that he took a five hour nap. This continued for a week and we were only able to get 2 pills (1 of each) into him. There just wasn’t enough time for more.

After 2 weeks on the supplement I was able to get all 6 pills into his system but couldn’t find much more time for other supps.  He remained on a very healthy diet (mostly raw vegan and Body Ecology).

We noticed improvements in fine motor skills right away. He began cutting with scissors and using a pen. He was also talking more (which is usual for him. His speech improves EVERY day).

We only had Dougie on the 6 pill suggested regime for three days when he really started to seem very unsettled. Even with his improved speech and fine motor skills, he began stuttering a lot of his speech and he began crying so much more. He spent lots of time crying and even began hitting himself on the head, throwing himself to the ground and sometimes tripping and falling.  Some of his injury was out of unsteadiness and some was out of frustration. So he was falling both accidentally and intentinally.

I couldn’t help but feel that his body was releasing toxins of some sort.

I wrote Dr. Thomas about my concerns and this is what he said:


I now feel that this is a great supplement. But, since we are on such great diet, it may be a bit too much for him to handle so much of it. His body is working hard to heal each day.

Dougie now takes 1-2 of each pill (F2 and F3) every day. His body cannot handle much more. He is healing wonderfully. The Bioage makes him quite tired and he is taking great naps. He wakes up refreshed and calm. He used to often wake up crying and unsettled.

Check out this video to see some of our earlier triumphs.  Much more has happened and I will share soooooooooooooooooooooon!

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