I am Shaman


I awoke this morning still sweating from my feet stomping through the mud to the rhythm of the rain. My throat dry, for I gave my voice to the healing water. Together, we called her and she nourished us as we danced in her glory. My people felt much relief. There were beads and bells and women singing. The medicine woman who looked over us was held up by the strongest arms in our tribe. She chanted shrill melodies from your heart, and I felt their meaning in mine.

I chanted with her. This was my language too, and each syllable moved me. I looked down at my dirty veiny feet and sunk them deeper into the earth. We stayed dancing until the water dried. The ground pulled me in and I pounded more for that feeling of being connected. I was safe in my fear. Safe in my anger. I gave it to the ground and the ground sprouted for me. The men brought fire and drums. It got hot.

I began to recognize faces. I saw you. You danced like fire under the moon. We loved you so. I thanked the creator for having been reunited with you. How long had it been? I began to remember that we have been here before. I remember the men coming at night and raiding our village. I lost my baby. But this… This was before my baby was taken. When were they coming? Could I stop them now?

I find my girl and I dance with her. She is alive here and we cover our bodies with Earth’s colors and celebrate more. It seems like we never stop celebrating. I smell yellow flowers. I taste red fruit from the tree. There are so many people here and I can feel all of their thoughts.

My muddy bare ankles are shackled to my sister’s. The one with heaven in her voice. We were dragged to a wooden ship where we sat too close and could see the men across from us. But they wouldn’t look. She cries and cries and I tell her to sing. But she can’t. I tell her that she will get her time. I am here to tell her that she will have her time.

My gaze falls into the wooden slats on the ship and I can see another ship, and another ship and another ship. And I remember them shaving my head. I remember hiding. I remember trying to escape. I fall asleep feeling drugged and sore.

And, that’s when I woke up– finally understanding why I’ve been having so much pain in my feet, and why I actually have markings that reflect trying to escape shackles. I’ve often hidden these parts of me… My feet. Not anymore.
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Bustin’ A Move — Roth Five Rhythms Style

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It’s 4 am quiet here. But, I’m whispering this so loud you can probably feel my vibes in Denmark , yes?

Today’s moving day…..   in other words, I can’t sit still. So, I’m not even about to try.  The energy within me stirs, as the energy around me stirs. We’ve got big  plans for a big constant MOVE that will take our family around the country and eventually around the world.

Sounds major, huh?

It is. We will be combining my autism healing practice with our life coaching and energy healing, and  bringing the whole shabang to a city near you — so that we can hug you, support you and dance in the streets with you.

One major lesson I’ve learned through improving my life and helping clients  is that our inner world is a complete reflection of the realities around us. Our bodies physically and emotionally react to the energies we surround ourselves in — for better or for worse.

In planning a move, I realize I gotta move my butt. If I want things to go smoothly, I gotta make sure everything flows smoothly in this temple.

Have you guys discovered the Roth Five Rhythms, yet? Holy Shnap! is this practice beyond words amazing!  I teach them to  nearly every client and use them daily in my life.

Everyone’s natural rhythm is unique and will also probably change. Gabrielle’s Five Rhythms take us through every emotion, every natural element, every chakra, every body part — and shake it all up. In the end, we come to stillness — and this is where major healing and refection can take place.

Stillness totally rocks. But, I am one who believes that we can MOVE into stillness and receive tons of benefit on the way there.

You don’t need rhythm to do the Roth Five.  You don’t need grace. In fact, as I do them more and more – I find mine.

The rhythms go like this:

  • Flowing (flowy, watery never ending movement) : Represents the water element and emotion of fear
  • Staccato (start and stop motion, like punching or stomping): Represents the earth element and the emotion of anger
  • Chaos (wild movement with no plan): Represents the fire element and saddness
  • Lyrical (airy, breezy movement, like skipping, fluttering):  Represents the air element and  joy
  • Stillness (what does this mean to you?): Represents space and compassion

Each rhythm helps work you up from root to crown chakra, clearing out energy blocks and helping you feel centered. I am so grateful for my shamanic training, because this movement has been absolutely necessary for our health, and now I get to share it with you. Movement therapy has helped Dougie  feel comfortable and grounded in his body, and we  even use it for brain development.

Gabrielle Roth has a book called “Maps to Ecstasy”, and another called “Sweat Your Prayers”, which do a fabuloso job of helping you teach your body to remember its natural state of BLISS, by moving into it.

So, tell me, are you gonna bust a move today? What tunes will you play? Will you sing too, like at the top of your lungs? I hope it’s that kind of amazing day for you too.

Sweet Vibes,


You can learn more about The Roth Five by clicking here.