Energy Shifts Increase the Necessity for Eco Conscious Living Now


I was never a deep follower of astrology. Mostly because I never found the time to absorb all of the math involved, and I’m not interested in the trendy horoscope stuff you find in the check-out lane next to the tabloids. I want the real deal. So, I waited until I was ready. I’m by no means an authority on the subject, but my reading is revealing how my personal summer of cleansing for the sake of consciousness boosting, and the global occurrences of the “Occupy” groups, assassinations of “terrorists, ” and the “elite energy’s” grappling to retain power over the people– has all been written in the stars.

While I certainly haven’t followed astrology, I’ve had my own recent astral travels and dreams through wormholes, into alternate dimensions and galaxies and have been made aware of the needed upcoming changes in our way of life here on earth. I’ve also been made aware though my communication with guides, in dreams as well as through my own reading and studying that we have plenty of help from nature and source energy (God, Goddess, Spirit, Angels, Guides, whoever/whatever you like to call it) during this transitional period. We have been evolving since we came into being, but these days are proving to be a rapid evolution of consciousness that opens up our awareness of our connection to our planet even more.

In order to incarnate here, it seems we decided to lose our true divine nature. Perhaps that was necessary to accomplish all of the technological advances throughout the centuries. After all, pain inspires humans. But all of that pain that has piled up over time has been sitting in our collective emotional bodies, awaiting for the right moment to be set free in healing. Could this have been set in the stars too?

Tonight’s a new moon in Scorpio which completely cosmically supports my own families personal efforts to cling to mama earth energy ( as we are Eco-fying our RV and offering ourselves to the world as healers). This energy is also completely supportive of the needed disconnects that had to happen for us this summer, as our path becomes clearer. Globally, we all need to shift our intentions and attention to the needs of our planet because she provides us with everything we need for survival, and as I am learning — so much more than that once we jump on board. The “negative” energies of blaming, judging and resisting are old patterns that we taught ourselves. Perhaps as survival mechanisms. A lot of those negative energies are surfacing just as parasites resurface when you go on a cleansing diet. It’s their final call for help.

What I think we really need to understand is that these negative energies are a valid part of us that feels it must fight to survive. We are energetically and cosmically supported, and will thrive if we learn to welcome in and help shift the intentions of that small percentage of ourselves. It is not your sister who is fighting you. It is you who is fighting you.

The world is set for growth and it says so everywhere. Personally, I’ve never been so sure that it’s okay to reveal my truest thoughts as I do now….and I have a recollection of my past lives. What we feel personally is a microcosm of what is going on across the planet. Centuries ago, groups like the Free Masons or Illuminati were formed so that people could freely share their ideas. Perhaps their original agendas were pure and only kept secret for their safety. Now, the threats to our safety from these groups who have created unhealthy restrictions on our food supply and money (to name a few) represents our own fear that we cannot control our own lives. I see these as old patterns that are dying. While they seem real, they do not represent the rich planet that we actually live on. Once we all come into our power by connecting to the earth, and our purpose here, the need for hidden negative agendas will fizzle away. And so will the need for secret societies.

Threats are really only as real as we make them. If we focus more on what we love rather than what we fear or hate, we will be gifted with more of what we love. I keep hearing the words of a farmer I met last year who said….’nothing good ever dies on God’s earth’. This planet will survive. And all that is not innately good for the earth will transition into something that is. To me that means that to some extent the recent upheavals are good for us. We are evolving and it will get as messy as it needs to be for us to wake up.

When you begin waking up to what life and you are really made from, you have no choice but to serve the planet and her people. You will find that these days it is much easier to purchase goods that harm our planet than those that support her. Most grocery stores, clothing stores, malls, etc. sell products that are made from toxic materials that harm our atmosphere and the people making them. Much of the money you spend on these products goes to make rich people richer so they can invest in secret money trades, chemicals and processes that further harm us all. Down the line you will notice that much of these items cannot be recycled or cause even more damage to the planet to recycle them. Food that lines your grocery shelves is devoid of nutrition yet full of things that can kill you. And worse yet, if you’re savvy you can see the conspiracies behind why our food is making us sick. The smartest of us know that even eating organic and shopping at a health food store doesn’t guarantee food safety and is sometimes simply another trick to take more of our money and punish us for our conscious consumerism. Despite all of this, or perhaps because of this, I see a huge light. A light that says to get even closer to the earth, dig deeper. Learn more. If the grocery store was perfect, what need would we have for growing our own foods?

The earth misses farmers who planted crops and tended to them. There is plenty more space on this earth that is still untainted, and even much that can be healed. Getting close to the ground and creating a garden says that you can control your food supply. The connection with the earth’s rhythm is so healthy for you that companies have successfully replicated it for sale and it’s used in healing cancer and autism (to name a few). Get your hands in the soil and you get that vibration running through you free of charge. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, working closely with plant life is considered very restorative to your jing ( like your essence…. Breath of life). It’s also helpful in restoring balance to your yin which is your structure- bones, blood etc. Your yin is your female energy. When you hear of the Divine Feminine, you are hearing about that collective feminine energy that we have forsaken for centuries. This energy is the core we are built on. And, because it has been lost for most of human existence here…. We are crumbling. All of the recent public outbursts that threaten our power and health are symbolic of how we a crumbling at our core. But, when this happens, it is important to know that rebirth is really the only option. Death does not exist so that is not an option. We are not truly threatened, but challenged to get closer and closer to the truest truth for us.

Getting closer and closer to nature has helped me keep balanced and feel safe and positive while I see others trembling in fear. Of course I believe in a creator, and guides and those energies have helped me. And they are also a part of nature. When you can delete from your life any energies that you come across which harm nature (for me this means chemical-laden foods and products, negative media, etc) and welcome time outdoors and in meditation,  you will see that you only crave more of the same and your awareness of your purpose also becomes much more clear.

Go stick your hands in some dirt, my friend. Take time to enjoy your planet. The rewards for taking care of her are beyond what I can describe. And, you are fully supported during your time of massive expansion.

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11:11 Pay it Forward Reiki Special Today

Pay It Forward
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Hi Loves,

Have you noticed  that your recent experiences have you looking deep within yourself –sometimes feeling defeated, exhausted  or depressed? We’ve just passed through one tough energetic time with Mercury (the ruler of communication) in retrograde. And many of my friends and clients are calling asking for Reiki to help see them through this difficult time.

The truth is that false realities are crumbling and those who wish to hold onto them will try to make it difficult for those who dance to their own tune and want to soar into their true selves. If you read my blog, chances are you are one of those Dancers.  You’re coming into your own power, and any pains you experience are somehow triggers to help you stand in that power.

There will be people who gossip about you and even look down on you for being you. These are universal ways that lower energies have of keeping you from fully activating your power. It’s not the people. It’s the energy they buy into.

My offering today is to help you step into the power that is YOU.

11:11 Pay it Forward Reiki Special

At 11:11 pm  (tonight/sept 14 central time), I will be offering a group healing attunement for those of you who comment here with your name.  The intention will be to call back your own power to heal yourself and step into your purpose. All are welcome to participate. The more of us, the stronger the energy. All I ask in return is that you pay that energy forward by tapping into  your own power. I’d love to hear how you pay it forward too.

Reiki Healing Attunements: 

A Reiki Healing Attunement is an energetic quantum leap to your best self. Healing attunements help you remove blocks (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) so that you can see your path much clearer. This is great if you have a specific problem that you feel is blocking your growth. Healing attunements can also be used to kick-start a specific goal, or release undesirable life patterns. The Reiki energy connects directly with your higher self during a healing attunement.

Life Keeps Living, Energy Never Ends: On Death and Dying

In the midst of moving into simpler living on the road, my goal was to keep my mind focused on things like packing, seeing clients, and tying-up class work for my upcoming workshops. That alone kept me comfortably overwhelmed. But, I was sucked out of my sleep last night by a message that had nothing to do with my goals. Life often works that way for me.

The message was about death. I guess it was on my mind because it’s everywhere.. and the looming of it over family members and friends who are on their way out of life is pretty intense. Since losing my grandfather, I’ve lost all fear of dying, and all uncertainty of the ultimate continuousness of life. But death is always everywhere right? It’s a natural part of life. I think it was Eckhart Tolle who I heard say that “death is not the opposite of life, but the opposite of birth.” It’s just a part of the cycle of energy, and we fear it because our culture conditioned us to fear it. But, there are plenty of other cultures who understand dying more deeply and actually consciously welcome it when the time comes.

Still, there are a lot of unknowns. And, when you lose someone close, all of this new age bulloney hardly hugs your heart. And, my heart hurts so much when I see a child lose their mommy, or a mommy lose her baby, husband lose a wife, friend lose their best pal. Now that I’ve chosen a career as a helper to those who want to heal themselves, I encounter people making decisions on how to treat illness with hopes of saving their lives. I see a lot of people choosing to fight with medicines, chemicals and surgeries, and losing their lives. So, I went to bed the other night with this lurking in my mind. When one young person dies – the memory of all the young ones who have lost their lives to tragedy, accident and illness all kind of come sneaking back. And, I asked (God, my guides, my inner self) Why? What’s the lesson here? Why are these children (some of them in my own family) now living without their mommy? Could I h ave done something with knowledge that was given to me intuitively? Sometimes I get psychic guilt. I see these things happen, and I assume I see them because I can stop them. But, perhaps I’m not supposed to stop them?

Here’s what I got loud and clear: “She just really longed to get Home, Gina. You, of all people should understand the feeling of missing Home. You spend your life chasing a feeling of security, when you know there isn’t any in the material sense. You move from place to place and come home at night hoping to find that relief that you never get. You miss it so badly here too Gina. Everyone does. Most people don’t consciously realize what they are missing and they are quite successful filling their days with things that make them happy –relationships, knowledge, food. We want you to have these pleasures, but they never take the place of the Bliss you get when you return to your natural state in spirit. You choose when it’s time to come home. And, trust me, you won’t come until you are finished with what you set out to do. No one truly leaves. They just change. They change into their truer selves. No one is left. We would never leave anyone alone. When she left, she had the choice and she came freely and with joy as she saw her loved ones who had returned before her. She is resting and learning and considering coming back over to do more teaching. But, she fulfilled her purpose. More people who are close to you are going to return home soon because their purposes have also been filled, and they will better serve from Home. You will see them all again. Nothing could have been done to stop the “deaths” that we showed you before they happened. No wrong choices were made. The choices that were made were made according to the plan. You are doing a great job.”

When messages like this consume me — I can’t pack, plan, or prioritize until I write them out. Now that loud inner voice “She just really longed to get Home, Gina,” has calmed down. So, I hope this helps you in some way. If you have recently lost a loved one – I think the important thing is that he or she is Home.

I wish you love,