Is this Miracle Drug for You?

We were walking around last night thinking about how this world is truly just a game for the people who understand it. I can see how some might read the previous statement and say that their life does not fall under such a category, but therein lies the truth behind it. If you have a home then you most likely know how to keep it. If you have learned to accumulate large sums of money then you may continue to grow your wealth. If you are homeless on the street then you might say that you are being held down and not be able to find a way back out. It’s all a game. A game of your mind believing the lessons that you teach it. The energy is the game. Just by thinking that you are “something” manifests your energy into that and that is what you become.

How can we have such extremes on this planet? Small groups control the masses decisions and hold them in their patterns with media, drugs and force. They make these mind games so real that people believe the propaganda. Many people think that things are hopeless because prime time news says that they are. These controlling groups understand how the public thinks, and how to control the public’s thoughts and energy.

To defend otherwise is to prove their successful energy manipulation. It’s not cool to question our governmental systems anymore. What happened to free speech, free thinking? What happened advocating for our rights and the well-being of our peers? The mainstream has lost our nerve. Why?

Before I address the reasons why we have lost our nerve, I would like to explain the fine lining behind all of your thoughts… You are a unique being. An organism that was put onto this beautiful Earth through divine purpose. Your mind is capable of the most extraordinary creation regardless of your station on this planet. You can part seas and feed hordes of people with a single loaf of bread. YOUR perception (not to be confused with others’ impressions) of your mind is the only thing holding you back from anything that you desire. A potential employer might deny you a job, but who are they? You have the mind to start your own business and make it run better. None of us needs to be employed by anyone. That is control. Everyone on this planet has the ability to do amazing deeds that can help bring us all into healthy alignment with our selves. That includes the person throwing garbage out their Hummer window and the bums sleeping on sidewalks. We are all endowed with a truly inspiring spark. All of us. So why have we fallen? Why do we give up control to these groups and get caught up in whatever they tell us to do?

There is a new drug out the will make everything easier! Never before have people been able to enjoy life so much! Yeah!!! Symptoms may include complacency, lack of motivation, lack of free thought, and in most cases –death. If your symptoms aren’t constant then Miracle Drug might not be for you, and we recommend that you see a physician immediately to get re-drugged. Love, the Group.

People are hearing ads like this on every channel, and they are signing up for the recourse.

Why? Maybe it has to do with the fact that our water system is tainted with chemicals and other things that you don’t want to hear about. Chemicals that are scientifically PROVEN to hold us in our pattern of ignorance. The water coming out of my faucet was found to have tobacco, cocaine, chlorine, aspirin, along with 30 unknown dissolved solvents. Go and get your water tested now.

Imagine someone heavily medicated at a hospital as the western doctors are making decisions on what parts of the patients body that they should cut out next. Or what new and expensive radioactive test that the sick can be administered. We have blinders on. Like the horse on a city street, they are only allowed to look one way… straight. Exactly where their driver tells them to go.

You see, the entities who WE, The People, are dealing with here are very intelligent. These corporations that control our food supply understand energy. What?! That’s right. They understand energy and are using it to take over your true self. They have the public believing that energy work is bad. They ban natural herbs and remedies. They kick down doors of raw food suppliers with guns drawn (I have seen this) just because they were offering healthy food that boosts immunity. These are treatments that this world has been using before civilization was even imagined. They burn literature that opens up the spirit. They understand energy. These entities are much more interested in owning the people, than simply turning a buck. They are tremendous players in this energy game. He who controls the food supply controls the worlds energy. They say jump and a billion sick people reach for the sky as the Buddha cries.

So, who are they? If we were to sit down in a cafeteria and there was only genetically modified food riddled with pesticides to eat and everyone was eating… they wouldn’t be in that room. There would be just one crazy guy (me) running from table to table screaming at blank faces as the police single file in.

Let’s act like we have a right to be here. Join the game. Make smart choices to better yourself and your family. It’s work for me. Really… it is, but the rewards are inspiring.