Becoming One



In the beginning, perhaps, there was One. And, that One Spark divided and became 2, then 4, then 16 sparks connected to and affected by the One. I see it that way.

Just as we begin with one cell that divides and sparks into our nose, our eyes, our hearts and our minds, so did the Universe begin with One. And so, within each of our cells is a spark from the Original Spark. And a Spark from each and every other spark created on the first day, and the second day, and every other day and every moment that ever was.

Perhaps we were there. Perhaps we sparked first as One. I think I remember the time. We decided to expand. We spanned the sky and the stars. We felt what it feels like to BE the heart of the ocean. We were inside each creature and creation. We left part of ourself in every place we touched, and continued to expand. We kept our promise.

A spark of desire for a sun to energize us created Earth’s biggest Star. We manifested chocolate, technology and palm trees to create beauty and variety that pleased us and built upon the intelligence of the Original Spark. Soon, we realized that we were just as much the Spark as the Spark was US. And the Spark could be pleased because we created pleasure.

As we expanded it became more difficult to remember our Original Spark, and when we saw glimpses of our darker sides that we didn’t understand — it became easier to ignore them. On and on, we kept our promise to expand and so we created much joy. But, each time we denied the misunderstood parts of our ever-evolving self, we lost touch with the Original Spark within us. That same spark that lights each cell through to our soul. That same Spark that granted us individual consciousness, free-will, and the choice to remember or forget.

Our Darkness began to think of itself as separate and alone. And as more beings continue to grow as part of our promise of expansion, the opportunity for aloneness and separateness multiplies with it. A vast amount of wisdom flashes by the eyes of those blinded by their fear, and goes almost completely unnoticed. Bliss that might possibly go unrecognized is created anyway. The Divine Intelligence that we are can’t stop expanding and creating such Bliss. We leave evidence for ourself in water droplets, star formations and in our own DNA. This is so that if we choose to remember, we know where to look for instructions on what to do next.

The opportunity to become One again may hit part of us as a saving grace from the depths of darkness. Those are the parts that must experience the darkness in order to see the light.Other parts of us may not wish to become One, and that is our choice. We will shed these parts rhythmically. And it will feel oh so good.

There is this massive shift calling us back to Oneness right now that we are feeling in near entirety. It’s only the lonely, left out parts of us that doubt this, and that can seem quite strong. But as we follow the call Back to the One Spark, we will begin to feel blessings beyond our imagination.

Oh, how many centuries it’s been since we really spoke with a tree or a dolphin. Oh, how exhilarating it feels to have the energy of the moon and the stars pulsating through our skin. Oh, the beauty in the birds, the strength in the mountains and the completeness of connectedness with another one of US. To feel the feelings of someone we thought of as separate only to realize we are the same.

Each time we Revel in the Bliss that we are already One, and have never stopped being so… We are rewarded. We feel more connected. And we are gifted with all of that wisdom that breezed by us when we weren’t looking. We can see that part of us expanded throughout the galaxy. We were never completely asleep. It was only a small part of us that fooled us. Fear can do that.

Mothers never died. People never left us. We have always had everything that ever was and ever will be. We just couldn’t see it. Until now. We can trust our eyes to see and our hearts to love because we were created with perfection for our purpose. And so, right now, some parts of our whole represent our eyes and our hearts and minds. Helping one another to see, think, feel, and forge the path to ONENESS is helping ourself keep our promise.


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A New Word: Multiverse

Just when the word “universe” was getting a little old — seeing as though it totally doesn’t describe the multi dimensional vastness in which we live, I discovered THIS WORD: “M U L T I V E R S E.”

According  to Wikipedia, a multiverse is a “hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists and can exist: the entirety of space, time, matter, and energy as well as the physical laws and constants that describe them. The term was coined in 1895 by the American philosopher and psychologist William James.[1] The various universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.” See here for  more:

I’d been using the word multiverse in my mind for a few days, when I finally heard it used at the Free Your Mind Conference by Alfred Webre. Please check out this video of him speaking there. It offers a whole lot more than the deep insight into the possibilities of this beautiful word. We live in a Multiverse.  We live in an infinitude of BLISSFUL Energy. Dig it 🙂


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Visions To Life: Make a Vision Board

Do you write down your dreams, place your orders with the universe, believe that what you want is already yours? These are the best ways I know of to REALLY succeed in what you want to do. Whether you desire a night on the town, relief from physical pain or a complete shift in life — you’ve got it!

How do I know? Because Its happening in my life every day!

The Vision Board

I made the vision board (above) last week. I filled it with everything I knew I needed to do in order to get healthy, pay my bills, and feel at peace. Some of the stuff I put on there felt silly, like “Be a Money Magnet.” But hey, I figured, why not?

Then things just started happening. I’m one of those people who catches on quickly. I knew I had to make myself believe that I already owned everything on my vision board (such as healthy kidneys, better eyesight, meditation time).

It’s only been a week and I’ve gotten huge glimpses of everything on my vision board. I’ve attracted more grateful clients, I’ve attracted an awesome yoga class and so much more.

What do you want? Do you think you can benefit from having a clearer focus on your goals?

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” first inspired me to visualize myself in the place I wanted to be, doing what I love. And here I am. Less than a year after I read that book, I have moved across country, and found my true home and health. A little vision goes a really long way.

Hope you enjoy this video from Abraham Hicks.