Host a Class or Event

Want to Join us in BLISS? You can host a class or event in your home town, and get some free gifts in return. We love traveling and sharing with all of you. Take a look at our class offerings, and let us know if any of them speak to you.

Our Classes:

New Classes for 2012

Spirit Guides and Past Lives: Connect and communicate with your inner guides and learn how to interpret spiritual messages, and release blocks to inspire your Abundant Life Today!

Dream Scapes– Uncover the hidden messages in your dreams and using dreams as a healing tool!

Free Autism Talk
We will come to your home or meeting space to share a 40 minute free autism healing talk. We ask that at least 20 people be present for this event.

Feel free to make suggestions for events and classes that float YOUR boat. We’re open and willing to make adjustments. New classes often get created as you request them.

Class/Event hosts receive a free 1 hour consult with Gina and/or Doug, in gratitude for your contribution.

How it Works

  • Contact us at with your Request to host a class or event.
  • Have 2-25 participants for each class/event and space to hold them.
  • Provide several dates that work for you with a minimum of 2 week lead time.
  • Provide seating and water for the group.
  • Pay a flat fee collected from your group to cover our time and travel expenses.
  • We help you advertise your event.
  • Receive a free 1hour consult with Gina and/or Doug (can include Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Body Ecology/ Nutrition/ Intuitive Eating coaching).
  • Never let finances stop you from connecting with us.
We’re also holding one-on-one sessions, group healing sessions, pot -lucks and camp outings during our travels.
See you soon.

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